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For a summary of committees, equity-based syllabi and recruitment, along with additional EDI initiatives, please see below:


Philosophy is a tricampus-oriented department and their EDI initiatives strongly reflect this. The tricampus has a:

  • Climate Committee, which organizes an annual Climate Survey that explores climate issues, including EDI issues.
  • A Women’s Caucus, that addresses the important issue of the underrepresentation of women in philosophy.
  • A Mental Health Caucus, that addresses the issue of mental health in the department.

The department of Philosophy is also represented by Andrew Sepielli on the UTM EDI committee.

Equity-Based Syllabi: Statements

The examples below are excerpted from syllabi on South Asian Philosophy, which engages EDI aims: 

Another faculty member is trying to increase awareness of the contributions of women to the curriculum. There is no EDI statement, but the course description outlines clear EDI objectives. Read the course description »

Equity-Based Recruitment: Diversity Statements

In accordance with UTM policy, Philosophy requests diversity statements for applications. We also have a diversity statement in the job posting.

Unconscious bias training is also recommended for all individuals who serve on search committees (most people have undergone the training in the past), and search committee members are asked to watch the SSHRC implicit bias training module. In addition, the department has recently hired in non-Western philosophy, which diversifies both the faculty and the curriculum. 

Additional EDI Initiatives

  • The President of the Canadian Philosophical Association (CPA) is a UTM Philosophy faculty member.
    • The CPA has organized its first edition of the Summer Institute, which is a one-week program for philosophy undergraduates from across Canada. The Summer Institute will give students from underrepresented groups an intensive immersion in academic philosophy. First Nations, Inuit, Métis, Black, women, disabled persons, and first-generation university and college students are encouraged to apply.
  • The department of Philosophy also encourages participation from rural and other less advantaged communities in the Ontario Ethics Bowl, and supplies financial assistance based on economic need for students in summer camps

Last updated August 2023

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