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New Courses & Special Topics 2022/2023



Special Topics: Macroeconomics and Psychology 

Course Description:

Why don’t wages fall in a recession? Why is trust important for the banking sector? Why are there bubbles in the stock market and in the housing market? In this course we combine insights from psychology and apply them to macroeconomic questions. In the first half of the course we will study a number of psychological insights. This will serve as a gentle introduction to behavioral economics. In the second half of the course we will apply these concepts to some economic questions. The focus is on topics that are traditionally macroeconomic in nature: central banking, unemployment, inflation, and saving.



[ECO101H5 (63%) and ECO102H5 (63%)] or ECO100Y5(63%), MAT133Y5 (63%) or ( MAT135H5 and MAT136H5) or MAT135Y5 or MAT137Y5, ECO200Y5 or ECO204Y5 or ECO206Y5

Enrolment is limited.

ECO420Y5: Research/Dissertation Course

Research Course: Applied Research in Economics

Course description: This is a 4th-year dissertation/research course. This course will be relevant for students considering graduate school or research-based careers. There will be lectures every 2-3 weeks and several one-on-one meetings to discuss research progress (students choose their own topic of interest) throughout the year.  Lectures will be on applied econometrics; the class will read journal articles with interesting models, and discuss their thoughts on the methods/data/results and how it could be applied to their own research. Students will produce a self-directed research paper (dissertation), with the possibility of publication in a Student Journal of Economics and Political Science at UTM.

Strongly Recommended Preparation: ECO375H5

Enrolment is limited and requires Departmental approval. 
Students can select the course on ACORN, but will remain in “REQ” or requested status until enrolment review is completed in August.

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