Appointments for Undergraduate Students

Book an appointment using WCONLINE.

We offer a variety of appointment types to assist all undergraduate UTM students with academic skills. 

Appointments at the RGASC are booked through WCONLINE. Our appointments are available only to students enrolled at UTM. If you are not enrolled at UTM, WCONLINE will redirected to the relevant centre for your home faculty or campus. 

For information about booking, cancelling, or changing an appointment, please read the FAQ.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions about appointments.  

In-Person Appointments (50 minutes)

In-person appointments are held at the RGASC (MN 3251). 

Our instructors meet with you in person at the RGASC to offer instruction in the various forms of academic writing and math and numeracy.

Bring your work-in-progress from any course you are taking. We will work with you at any stage in its development, from brain-storming, problem solving and planning, to revising a draft.

We will help you learn to:

  • interpret assignments
  • form a strong thesis or research question
  • improve your grammar and style
  • understand foundational math concepts
  • logically reason and problem solve

For reference and citation help, please visit the Reference & Research Help Desk.

NOTE: If you wish to discuss a specific assignment or essay during an appointment:

  • You MUST bring your assignment instructions.
  • Please bring a printed hard copy of the assignment instructions and your work in progress or questions, as it allows the instructor to provide feedback more clearly.
  • We cannot view work on mobile phones or tablets.

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Online Appointments (50 minutes)

The RGASC offers two types of online appointments:

  • Online (Video/Chat) appointments that provide synchronous feedback
  • eTutoring (No Video/No Chat) appointments that provide asynchronous written feedback on writing

How do I participate in an online appointment?

To book an appointment, log in to WCONLINE and use Schedules menu to see the different types of appointments we offer (writing, math and numeracy, study skills). 

Online (Video/Chat) appointments are conducted via Zoom. 

Instructions on how to navigate online sessions using Zoom can be found here:  

eTutoring (No Video/No Chat) appointments happen asynchronously. When booking your appointment, upload your assignment instructions and writing draft (in a .doc or .docx formatted file) onto WCONLINE. The RGASC writing instructor will review your documents and provide written feedback, which will be uploaded back to WCONLINE after your appointment time ends. If your documents are not uploaded prior to the start time of your appointment, it is considered a "No Show."  

NOTE: eTutoring for math & numeracy and study skills appointments are not available.

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Writing Appointments

Available as In-person, Online (Video/Chat), and eTutoring (No Video/No Chat) Appointments.

Suitable for help with specific questions about:

  • essays
  • written assignments
  • grammar

For reference and citation help, please visit the Reference & Research Help Desk.

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Math & Numeracy Skills Appointments

Available as In-person, and Online (Video/Chat) Appointments 

Suitable for help with foundational mathematical skills and numeracy skills, including:

  • pre-calculus
  • descriptive statistics
  • logic
  • application of mathematical, statistical, and computational approaches to make informed decisions, to problem-solve, and to logically reason

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Study Skills Appointments

Available as Online (Video/Chat) Appointments. 

Suitable for help with:

  • understanding lectures
  • note taking
  • getting the most out of class time

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Appointment Booking and Cancellation FAQ

How do I book an appointment?

To book an appointment, use WCONLINE our online booking system.

By default, WCONLINE opens to a search screen which allows you to search the Writing appointments schedule. To search for Study Skills, or Math and Numeracy appointments instead, at the top of the screen, click Schedules and choose another schedule.

In the search screen, you can enter criteria, such as your preferred date and time, meeting type, or preferred instructor. You can also see a list of the appointments you have already scheduled. To switch to a calendar display of the appointments for this week, click view the calendar display at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: In calendar view, underlined instructor names indicate online appointments. Names that are not underlined are instructors offering in-person (face-to-face) appointments. 

How do I cancel an appointment?

You can make, cancel, or modify appointments by logging into WCONLINE

Navigate to the appointment you want to cancel. Click the appointment, and click Cancel Appointment at the bottom of the screen. Click Confirm Cancellation in the screen that appears.

NOTE: You can cancel an appointment up to 2 hours prior to your appointment time. If you miss your appointment and have not cancelled, you will be marked as a "No-Show" and your ability to book may be suspended. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

How many appointments can I book at once?

You may reserve ONE appointment per week and hold up to three "active" appointments at one time. Once you have attended your first scheduled appointment, WC Online will automatically recognize you have completed an appointment and then will permit you to book an additional appointment.

Who can book an appointment?

Registered UTM students can book appointments at the RGASC.

What if I can’t log in to the online booking system?

Please note:

  • Undergraduate students who are on academic suspension must book by email.

If you think you are eligible but the online booking system doesn't recognize your UTORid, email us at

Can I bring my assignment and instructions on a USB key and print it at the RGASC?

No. Please print your assignment instructions AND your work in progress or questions before you come to your appointment.

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