Foundational Math Skills for University

A student standing at a white board working on a math equation

Foundational Math Skills for University is for students newly admitted to UTM. The program reinforces and enhances your existing mathematics and numeracy skills to help you prepare for and excel in first-year math courses.

Foundational Math Skills for University (FMSU) is offered weekly for six weeks during the Summer semester. An invitation to join the program and registration information will be sent to newly-admitted students in late June. A schedule will also be made available to registered students. 

The workshop material is a complete up-to-date review of the high school mathematics that you need to succeed in the first-year math courses at UTM. You will learn basic concepts, formulas, and techniques in arithmetic, algebra, and functions.

All instruction is delivered online by UTM Math instructors via Zoom and Quercus, UTM’s Learning Management System. Outside of the workshop sessions, you will also have an opportunity to connect with Math instructors and peers through an online discussion forum, where you can receive extra help and form an online community and support system.

Foundational Math Skills for University will prepare you for:

  • MAT133Y (Calculus and Linear Algebra for Commerce) 
  • MAT132H (Differential Calculus for Life Science)
  • MAT135H (Differential Calculus)
  • MAT137Y (Calculus).

The instructors will also share tips on how to study and prepare for a first-year math course at UTM.

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