Note-taking Resources

Our short videos focus on improving note-taking through a discussion of what to do before, during and after lectures, including an introduction to four methods of note-taking. We present strategic approaches based on empirical research to help you:

  • prepare effectively
  • prioritize information, abbreviate and listen effectively
  • maximize usefulness of your notes and increase retention

Additional resources below each video are PDF format.

Before the Lecture
During the Lecture

  1. Cornell Method
  2. Matrix Method
  3. Outline Method
  4. Mapping Method

After the Lecture
Note-taking Practice

Before the Lecture (4:12)


During the Lecture (6:19)


Cornell Method (2:17)



Matrix Method (1:02) 


Outline Method (1:32) 


Mapping Method (1:01)


After the Lecture (2:25)


Summary (0:38)