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What is a Facilitator?

Our FSG facilitators are volunteer senior students who have performed strongly in a course. Facilitators lead weekly study groups for students currently taking the course where they may share learning strategies, practice course-related skills, and build their tools for success in the class.


What Are My Responsibilities as a Facilitator?

Facilitators are expected to plan and deliver their weekly sessions. They are also responsible for creating and submitting a weekly session plan to the FSG Quercus shell from which their supervising course PA may review their FSG outline. Additionally, it is expected that our facilitators advertise their FSG session each week which should include in-person class announcements. Our supervising course PAs will support facilitators in this process. Facilitators are also expected to attend In-Service Training (IST) during the semester to enhance their understanding of FSG values and facilitative techniques. In the case that facilitators are unable to fulfill these duties, they may reach out to their designated Program Assistant (PA) to coordinate their next steps.


FSG facilitators working on a puzzle

Who is Eligible to Become a Facilitator?

Facilitators are selected on the basis of their strong performance in a course. Note that you must also be a current undergraduate UTM student taking courses in the Fall/Winter to be eligible.


It is preferred for applicants to have received a final grade of A or above in the course. Alternatively, students who did not receive a final grade of A or above in the course may still be eligible to facilitate if they receive an instructor's recommendation. If you believe that you are able to receive a recommendation from the course instructor, then please email academicskills.utm@utoronto.ca outlining your suitability as a facilitator.


What Do I Gain from the FSG Program?

Facilitators are eligible for CCR notation once they have completed at least one semester of facilitation. The FSG program also offers professional development opportunities for our facilitators to build their resumes. This includes the skills learned through the FSG experience (ex. initial and in-service training) as well as potential work opportunities within the RGASC and letters of recommendation for outstanding facilitators. Additionally, facilitators are supported in building their facilitator portfolio by the program assistants. This is a compilation of session plans, pictures from the FSGs, and reflections that students may provide to future employers to showcase their work in the FSG program.

Application Information


How do I become a facilitator?

To apply to become a facilitator, students may express their interest in the following form. Once you have completed this form, if accepted, you will receive an invitation to the FSG Facilitator Quercus Shell via email. 

Please note that facilitators are assigned their courses on a first-come-first-serve basis. Facilitators who express their interest and complete their training the earliest will be more likely to receive their first-choice course to facilitate. Prospective facilitators are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible.


Winter 2024 Facilitator Application

When and How Will I Receive Course Assignment?

Each facilitator will receive their course assignment towards the beginning of the semester within approximately one week of completing their training modules. Facilitators will receive their course assignment via email where they will be invited to the course group on Quercus.

Who Should We Contact to Change our Information on the Application? 

After submitting the above form, you will receive an email receipt of your answers. If you have reviewed your answers and would like to change the information, please contact academicskills.utm@utoronto.ca.

Training Requirements  


FSG Programming Assistants

What Training is Required for the Facilitator Position?

Students are required to complete a set of synchronous and asynchronous training modules to prepare them for their role as a facilitator. These modules cover how to create FSG session plans, apply facilitative techniques in mock session practice, and how to engage effectively with attendees. All facilitators are also required to complete In-Service Training (IST). This training is offered during the semester and offers facilitators the opportunity to build their professional development, demonstrate their grasp of FSG values and techniques, and connect with the FSG team. For more information on the professional development opportunities offered by the FSG program, please click here.


When Will Initial Training Be Offered?

For the Fall semester, initial training is offered at the end of August for new and returning facilitators. For the Winter term, students who have not yet facilitated in the previous Fall semester must complete initial training in January. However, facilitators who have already completed their training in the previous Fall semester are not required to participate in the Winter semester’s cycle of initial training. Exact dates are subject to change. For the latest training schedule, please complete the survey listed under the ‘How do I become a facilitator?’ section. If accepted, you will be given access to the FSG Quercus Shell where you may find all training information and schedules.

Reference Requests 


How do I request a reference? 

Use the form below to request a volunteer or employment verification or reference for the Facilitated Study Groups (FSG) program at the University of Toronto Mississauga.

Reference Request Form


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