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The Capstone Course

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In their 2nd year of studies, MUI students are required to complete a full-year Capstone Course whereby students will be assigned to work in groups of 2-3 students, under the supervision of the MUI capstone project faculty instructors, Ian Bromley and Professor Shauna Brail. Student teams will be assigned to projects in September and will work on their project until the end of March on a project with the sponsor acting as a non-paying “client”.

MUI faculty and staff will work with potential sponsor organizations to identify and scope appropriate capstone project opportunities that fit with the needs and interests of the sponsor organization, the time frames of the program (September to March/April), and the interests and capabilities of the students.

Benefits to organizations:

  • access to in-depth research and analysis for a discrete issue/assignment, especially on issues that the organization might not have resources (e.g. budget, staff) to complete;
  • insights and ideas from a graduate student team, which can provide an external perspective based on the latest knowledge of urban innovation and economic development issues and best practices;
  • research and analytic skills commensurate with second year professional-track masters students in a top tier university; and
    exposure to students who may be potential employees or collaborators in the future.

Industry Partners Feedback

“We are very pleased with the work that was completed by the students, as it is comparable to other works we have had completed by consultants in the industry. This project is one of the many action items noted in our Economic Development Action Plan 2021-2025, and its completion is instrumental in achieving our departmental goals. I would highly recommend this program to other economic development organizations or anyone in municipal government who is tasked with seeking innovative solutions to community challenges.” City of Hamilton

 “Throughout the process they were extremely professional and treated me and the broader team like a real client. I would highly recommend this to other sponsors/clients and would be happy to serve as a reference.” University of Toronto

Please click HERE to view/download the Capstone Information brochure for employers

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2022-2023 Capstone Projects

City of Hamilton Downtown Retail Revitalization- Nathan, Dalton
City of Mississauga, Building an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Lens Tool - Jan, Shaba
City of Toronto, Toronto Transportation Innovation Zone - Tian, Justin, Kristian
Waterfront Toronto, Waterfront Revitalization  - Cara, Rachel

2021-2022 Capstone Projects


  • Olivia Padiernos-Mapue: Sustainable Adaptive Reuse of Buildings: Background, Feasibility, and Recommendations on Market Approach, KPMB Architects
  • Jason Adade and Laura Hernandez: Food incubators and entrepreneurship: a feasibility study for the City of Hamilton
  • Jessica Liu and Samara Tova Bell: BIAs - The Next Fifty Years
  • Latonya Ludford: A Housing Advocate for Toronto
  • Anjuli Perera and Tua Hytonen: Innovative Commercial Spaces at 5201 Dufferin, University of Toronto Real Estate 
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Class of 2023 Student Profile Booklet

Class of 2023 Student Profile Booklet

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