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2023-2024 Recruitment Events

Graduate School Fairs & Information Sessions
Institute for Management & Innovation Grad Open House - Nov 18, 2023



MUI Faculty Research and Publications

Gabriel Eidelman - Eidelman, Gabriel, Tomas Hachard, and Enid Slack, eds. 2022. The Municipal Role in Housing. Who Does What series, No. 1. Toronto: Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance.
Gabriel Eidelman - authored Reimagining the Canadian Federation through an Urban Lens for the Centre of Excellence on the Canadian Federation and the Institute for Research on Public Policy
Gabriel Eidelman - co-authored The Case for a Canadian Urban Policy Observatory for the Canadian Urban Institute
Gabriel Eidelman - Lucas, Jack, Reed Merrill, Kelly Blidook, Sandra Breux, Laura Conrad, Gabriel Eidelman, Royce Koop, Daniella Marciano, Zack Taylor and Salomé Vallette. 2021. “Women’s Municipal Electoral Performance: An Introduction to the Canadian Municipal Elections Database.” Canadian Journal of Political Science 54(1): 125-133.
Shauna Brail - Shauna Brail, Mark Kleinman, Impacts and implications for the post-COVID city: the case of Toronto, Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society, 2022;, rsac022,
Shauna Brail - Youjing Li, Ecem Sungur, Andres Jimenez & Shauna Brail (2022) Covid-19, urban economic resilience and the pandemic pivot: Toronto’s restaurant scene, Regional Studies, Regional Science, 9:1, 1-4, DOI: 10.1080/21681376.2021.2013732
Shauna Brail - Tabascio, A. and Brail, S. (2022), Governance matters: Regulating ride hailing platforms in Canada's largest city-regions. The Canadian Geographer / Le Géographe canadien, 66: 278-292.