About Us

The Master of Urban Innovation (MUI) program offered within the Institute for Management & Innovation (IMI) at UTM is designed to provide a new generation of practitioners with an in-depth understanding of the role that innovative, vibrant, liveable and supportive city-regions play in sustaining the quality of life and economic well-being of Canadians.

The MUI program is based on the premise that successful communities and dynamic regional economies do not happen by chance. They are the product of conscious efforts to strategically manage the innovation resources of their local economies and the understanding that collaborative governance institutions are an essential part of that process.

This program offers a unique and specialized interdisciplinary preparation for students with a strong interest in urban issues and economic development, to play a critical policy and leadership role in implementing strategies that promote innovative, equitable and sustainable cities and city-regions. The MUI program will prepare specialized professionals to help support this process in different types of organizations (government, not-for-profit organizations and corporations).

Graduates of the MUI program will develop skills that are appealing to many organizations concerned with innovation based economic development in the 21st century, including: municipal and regional governments, community-based organizations and industry partners, with a focus on supporting start-ups and innovation activities, and both social and environmental sustainability.

The MUI program accepted its first cohort of students in September 2020.