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The MUI is a 20-month program.

Year 1 consists of a set of core courses common to all incoming students.

In the summer term between Year 1 and Year 2, students will participate in a required summer internship opportunity.

Year 2 is comprised of elective courses and a capstone course that includes a Major Research Project.

MUI – Course Offerings by Year


Fall 2022 

  • MUI 1010H Intro to Management of Urban Innovation
  • MUI 1020H Civic Engagement and Economic Development
  • MUI 1060H Local and Regional Government: Management and Policymaking
  • MUI 1090H Technology, Strategy & Policy
  • MUI 1040H Socially Sustainable Cities: Theory, Policy and Practice

Winter 2023 

  • MUI 1075H Digital Cities
  • MUI 1030H Urban and Regional Economic Development Theory
  • MUI 1050H Urban Politics
  • MUI 1080H Economic Development Planning

Summer 2023

  • MUI 1100H Summer Internship/Co-op Placement (0.5 credit)


Fall 2023/Winter 2024

  • MUI2095H Capstone Course (Fall/Winter)
  • MUI2080H Intelligent Communities/Smart Cities (Fall)
  • MUI2055H Cities, Industries and the Environment (Winter)
  • MUI2000H Bring Back Main Street (Winter)

In Year 2, students will enroll in 4 elective courses in the Fall term and 3 elective courses as well as a research-intensive capstone course in the Winter/Spring Term. Year 2 courses are drawn from a variety of disciplines and programs including: Engineering, Geography, Global Affairs, Management, Political Science, Planning, Sustainability Management and Urban Innovation.

Students have the opportunity to take electives* with other departments dependent on the approval of the home department. 

Below are sample electives offerings that students may be interested in taking.

Year 2 electives can fall into any of the following three concentrations:

Sample Elective Courses

  • MUI 2010H Sectoral Analysis
  • MUI 2040H Real Estate Development
  • MUI 2055H Cities Industry and the Environment
  • MUI 2080H Intelligent Communities/Smart Cities
  • POL 2394HH Innovation and Knowledge Flows in City-Regions
  • GLA 2018H Innovation and the City​​​​
  • GGR 1610H Geography of Finance and Financial Crisis
  • JPG 1512H Place, Politics and the Urban
  • JPG 1558H Transportation: Historical and Geographic Perspectives
  • JPG 1607H Geography of Competition
  • JMG 2020H Big Data and Global Cities
  • PLA 1801H Urban Infrastructure Planning
  • RSM 2132H Prosperity and Competitiveness 
  • SSM 1080H Strategies for Sustainability Management

*Electives offerings are subject to change year to year

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