MMI1100H Summer Internship

The MMI summer internship is a mandatory component of our program. It is a fantastic opportunity for students to apply their classroom learnings to a job and an industry they are passionate about. The internship term runs from May to August each year but students are free to work longer internship terms if they choose to.

Organizations that hire MMI interns may be eligible to receive the Co-operative Education Tax Credit.  Additional details about our co-op terms are outlined in our viewbook.  Additional funding resources for employers are also listed here.

Students are encouraged to secure internships in the industry they are looking to work in after completing their studies and are responsible for their own internship searches.  Personalized guidance is offered along the way through one-on-one coaching and mentorship opportunities. Professional development workshops have been created to assist in the internship search and networking opportunities will be made readily available to help students make the right connections. We offer professional development opportunities for students in networking, team collaboration, business design, product management, interview skill practice and many more.

Company reps may visit our program at any time to hold info sessions to promote their organizations. This is a great way to attract new talent and connect with students eagerly seeking internship opportunities.

For more information about our internship, assistance with creating a position for an MMI student or to set up an info session, please contact Afrodite Cruz at



Check out the MMI Summer Internships, Placements and Stats of the previous years:


Samples of the organizations that have recently hired our interns / visited UTM for an info session to connect with MMI students.