Director's Message

On behalf of the Master of Management of Innovation (MMI) program at the University of Toronto, I would like to personally thank you for considering our students for internship opportunities. At MMI, we believe that growth for businesses, organizations, and even nations cannot be sustained without being at the forefront of innovation and harnessing it properly. Over the last 15 years, we have created a program that graduates highly qualified young professionals who are ready to tackle today’s biggest business challenges and we know you will find great value in their contributions.  

We provide a dynamic learning environment which perfectly blends rigorous training and innovative thinking into intense course work that covers the latest development in marketing, finance, business strategy, technology management and innovation policy. MMI’s summer internship program prepares students to embark on their professional journey by applying the knowledge gained in the classroom to bring fresh and innovative perspectives to the management of your institution.

We are pleased to have seen such enthusiasm and support for our students and program and we are excited to partner with you!

Matthew Osborne
Vice Director, MMI
Associate Professor (Marketing)