The 12-month program consists of an intensive 8-month core academic curriculum consisting of:

  • 4.5 FCEs - MMI core courses (9 courses)
  • 1.5 FCEs - electives (3 courses)
  • 0.5 FCE   - MMI Summer Internship during the final 4 months of the program

All requirements must be completed within a minimum of one year of study and a maximum of three years from the date of first enrolment                                       


The MMI curriculum provides a strong foundation in core business areas including marketing, strategy, finance, economics, accounting and negotiations. Course learnings are applied to professional settings during the summer internship.


Fall Term
MMI1010H       Prices & Markets                            MMI1020H       Introduction to Big Data Analysis
MMI1030H       Marketing Science
MMI1040H       Accounting
MMI1060H       Finance
1 Elective*

Winter Term
MMI1050H       Negotiations
MMI1070H       Economics of Business Strategy
MMI1080H       Management of Technology
MMI1090H       Technology, Strategy & Policy
2 Electives* 

Summer Term
MMI1100        Internship placement

 *Students are free to choose electives from graduate courses across all disciplines at the University of Toronto