MMI Student + Alumni Videos

Thomas is an MMI student from the Class of 2021.

Through his undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto and his research experience with Mount Sinai Hospital, Thomas learned that he has a strong interest in business and in the commercialization of therapeutic discoveries.  He is known for his strong work ethic and for stepping up to challenges with an open mind.

When Thomas completes the MMI program, he hopes to work in the healthcare or financial services sectors.

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Danika is an MMI student from the Class of 2021.

During her undergraduate studies at Western University, Danika was exposed to work in various sectors including food and agriculture as well as healthcare.  She has exceptional interpersonal skills and is known for her positive attitude and strong work ethic.  An active member of her local community, Danika volunteers at a crisis line for a women’s shelter.  

Upon the completion of the MMI program, Danika hopes to work in the biotechnology sector, where she can leverage her technical background and analytical skills to work her way up to a management role.

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Faye is an MMI student from the Class of 2021.

Faye brings retail pharmacy and extensive customer service experiences to the MMI program.  She is a self-starter who is solution oriented.  After graduating from the program, Faye aims to work either in the pharmaceutical or healthcare industries.

Faye’s natural curiosity and her eagerness to learn have motivated her to travel to 16 countries in the world so far - her favourite destination being Thailand. In addition to travelling, she also spends her spare time tutoring math and science to children and volunteering as a crisis responder.

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Jasmeet is an MMI alum from the Class 2019.

Prior to graduating from MMI, Jasmeet held an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. He had an impressive academic record and held leadership roles in student government. Jasmeet is a skilled communicator and public speaker who has participated in national level college debates.

Entering into the program, Jasmeet aimed to apply the business acumen he would learn to a fast-paced organization in the technology industry.

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