Dr. Laura Brown

Laura Brown

Associate Professor, Associate Chair, Academic, Physical Geography Program Advisor Geography, Geomatics and Environment
Office Location:
3359 Mississauga Road
Mississauga , Ontario
L5L 1C6

My Research Interests

My research focuses primarily on ice and snow, with a large focus on the response of lake ice to the overlying climate conditions. My research interests are split between Arctic and Temperate regions, and how the cryosphere is responding differently to climate variations in each region. Ongoing projects in my lab group use a combination of tools to assess the current state of the cryosphere. Satellite data is one of the most useful tools as you can view a large area in one image to assess the ice over on an entire lake rather than just what can be observed from the shore. Modelling is advantageous when dealing with aspects undetectable by satellites, such as ice type or thickness. Additionally, field data and ground-based imagery play a crucial role to validate the technology-based data, and I have sampling programs in place throughout Canada to collect field data.

I participate in the following research clusters:

Environmental Processes & Change in Natural Systems

Graduate Student Recruitment

I am actively recruiting highly motivated MSc or Ph.D. students who are interested in the cryosphere, with a particular focus on freshwater ice and snow. Research projects are currently underway in Central Ontario and Nunavut with additional research locations possible in the sub-arctic regions. Students with a strong background in physical sciences are ideal candidates for positions in my research group. Potential projects could involve fieldwork and/or remote sensing and/or numerical modelling.