Forensic Science Awards


Each year, the Award for Outstanding Performance in Forensic Science is given to graduating students who achieve not only the highest academic standing in their graduating class, but also for their representation in the community, though activities, events, and engagement. This award acknowledges the hard work and excellent effort put forth by the student.


Awards 2020



From left to right: Dr. Tracy Rogers (Director), Dr. Rasmus Rosenberg Larsen, Dr. Nicole Novroski, Jesse Garcia (FSC Biology winner), Paige Holmes (FSC Psychology winner), Olivia Liu (FSC Anthropology winner), Jackie Han (FSC Chemistry winner), Dr. Vivienne Luk


Past Winners:
2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Ellie Shoji &
Alexandra Chee
Bonnie To
Laura Mison
Andrew Mazurek
Meera Bissram
Andrea Zumrova