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Renee Kosalka

Youthlink Calgary 

Youthlink Calgary holds a forensic summer camp much like our very own Camp U of T! Teaching youth about the roles of police in their communities, they hold over 50 interactive displays for children to explore.

It only makes sense that as the 2018-2019 Forensic Outreach Pantology Award recipient, FSC alumna Jocelyn Huang has found a way to continue her outstanding commitment to community outreach, bringing the public into the world of forensic science.

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Renee Kosalka


Decouverte TV - The Lac-Megantic Derailment

Renee Kosalka, a PhD student under Dr. Tracy Rogers who also works for the Ontario Forensic Pathology Services, was involved with the recovery process following the tragedy at Lac-Megantic.

Watch the video clip at Tou.Tv (French)

Renee Willmon


To Catch a Killer

Renee Willmon, Dr. Tracy Roger's former graduate student, stars on the new TV show, "To Catch a Killer".

"Renee Willmon is the team’s brilliant beauty. If her brains or looks don’t catch your eye, then her jewelry certainly will. Renee’s collection of skull-and-bones trinkets marks her personal style and her career – she's a biological anthropologist."

Visit the TV show website to view the episode schedule

Paulina Mickiewicz


Inside the forensic labs, it’s a ‘science for justice’ quest

“We have to make sure if it’s there, it’s going to be found,” says Paulina Mickiewicz, a forensic biologist, whose daily work could involve using chemical tests to detect traces of blood on a piece of clothing.


Renee Kosalka

Striding into the Future - Pursuing Justice

The work is emotionally demanding, politically charged, often dangerous—and exactly what Renée Kosalka (MA, Anthropology, ’06) has wanted to do since she was an undergraduate in Toronto.

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