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Joanna Szurmak

Staff Highlight: Joanna Szurmak

March 17, 2021
"Why, despite the evidence of improvements to both the human condition and many aspects of environmental quality, is the pessimist outlook on our planet’s future so pervasive, particularly in the affluent world? What are the feedback mechanisms and key incentives supporting the culture of environmental pessimism?"
-Szurmak, 2021
Earlier this month, our very own Forensic Librarian, Joanna Szurmak, published her fantastic think-piece, Accentuating the Negative: Why Eco-pessimism Has Become Elite Religionin the winter 2021 edition of the Breakthrough Journal.
Joanna's perspective combines evidence-based (long-range) optomism, which combats the more popular contemporary view of eco-pessimism, and posits the possibility of pessimism, among progressive elites, bring in service of technocratic rule.
You can read the full article online at:


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