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General inquiries can be sent to: 

Murray Clayton
Program & Outreach Officer 

Emily Nanjad-Griffith
Academic Advisor

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Forensic Science Program
University of Toronto Mississauga
3359 Mississauga Rd.
Mississauga, Ontario
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For an academic appointment or to see an academic advisor, please fill out this form. Appointments are held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


CSI House Tours & Field Trips

CSI House

Tours of the CSI House and forensic science demonstrations are available. Demos may include, but are not limited to: blood spatter analysis; fingerprinting techniques; fingerprint analysis; footwear impression documentation; evidence visualization using ALS (alternate light source).

​Interactive labs and lectures are available for grade 11 and 12 high school students. Students will be exposed to the basic foundations of forensic science, and will be able to gain hands-on experience through practical workshops and mock crimes.

Due to space limitations, field trips are limited to 16 visitors per day, per school. Trips are scheduled based on a first-come, first-serve basis, with priority going to new visitors. Returning schools will be put on a waitlist if no spots are readily available.

Workshops run between the hours of approximately 9:30am to approximately 2:30pm. Openings are limited.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to an overwhelming interest in our program, bookings are full until the Fall 2030 season. 


We will open requests again in 2029, and apologize for any inconvenience.