Forensic Capstone Experiences

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What is a Forensic Capstone Experience?

In the final (graduating) year of each Forensic Science Specialist Degree, students will choose from one of 5 culminating and integrative praxis experiences that provide professional practice and preparation for their 'next step' after graduation.

These experiences include:

  • an overall cumulative project
  • training in professional writing
  • practice applying for jobs, including a mock interview
  • formal presentations
  • a mock trial based on their experience
  • research design & collaboration
  • a final presentation of their capstone project, at UTM's annual celebration for graduating specialists, Forensic Science Day


What are the Capstone choices?

Based on the student's interest and intended career path, there are five options, including two research based options, one communications option, and two experiential based options. 

For an in-depth look at preparing for your capstone, see the quick guide link below:

Forensic Capstone Quick Guide (


When do I get to enroll in a Capstone experience?

Any student enrolled in a Forensic Science Specialist Degree who meets the following criteria may enroll in their final year at UTM:

  • Completion of FSC341H5 or discipline specific statistics course:
    • STA215, STA220, BIO259, BIO360, PSY201, PSY202, ANT407
  • Completion of FSC340H5: Research Design
  • Completion of FSC302 or FSC303 before final Fall semester
  • Completion of 15.0 Credits by the preceding Fall semester

Note:  An online application is required for each student.


Are the placements paid?

No, all research in FSC481 and FSC483 placements are unpaid. 

Some students may find and be approved for paid placements in FSC485, but there should be no expectation of identifying a paid placement. In some instances, students may elect to pay for an experience (conference, workshop, certification, etc.), but there is no obligation to have an experience that requires a cost and will purely be up to the student.

FSC407 and FSC484 do not have a placement component.