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2023-24 Specialist & Major Application Deadlines:

Deadline: April 30, 2024.

Information message

All successful applicants will be notified by e-mail regarding the outcome of their application in addition, all students can view their status results posted in ACORN, once decisions have been made by the committee -- before the end of June.

Please visit the following link for 'Program Selection Guide' for further information regarding Requesting Subject POSts on ACORN:


Contact Information

uToronto email ONLY.

Academic Information

(Current U of T Students)

I am a Current U of T Student Registered at: (Please Select One)

Academic Information

(For Students Transfering to UTM from Another University).

Only fill-in this section if you are a student who has applied for a transfer to the Univeristy of Toronto Mississauga from another university or college, with transfer credits.

A copy of your previous institution's transcript MUST be submitted to the FSC Office- you may email it to

Forensic Science Program (Subject POSt) Information:

Additional Information

For any courses still in progress this current semester, or courses for which you have not yet recieved a final grade, please list them and put "IPR" (meaning "In Progress").
Are you a member of the UTM IVNVI Society (Forensic Science Student Academic Club)?

Application Statements

The following application statements should be completed in essay format.
(200-250 word maximum)
(200-250 word maximum)

Academic References


Type 3 programs are among the most competitive programs at UTM.

As stated in your UTM welcome package, and in the academic calendar, simply meeting the minimum requirements for a limited enrolment program does not guarantee entry into your requested Program of Study. Acceptance varies annually, based on the quality of the competition pool, your written statements, the total number of applicants, and the available seats open. In addition, the minimum CGPA varies from year to year (though it is never lower than 3.0). 

By having a 'backup' POSt declared on ACORN, you are able to keep any previously accepted invitations, or request alternate Programs of Study when round 2 has opened. As a reminder, Forensic Science is not open for Round 2 admissions.  If you achieved 75% or higher in FSC239, you are also eligible to request a Minor degree in Forensic Science.

I understand and acknowledge that it is my responsibility to apply for a secondary POSt choice in another discipline, should my application into the Forensic Science Program be unsuccessful.
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