Internship Opportunities

The UTM Forensic Science program has ties with institutions worldwide, which provides our students the opportunity to travel abroad and conduct research. Below are some examples of where our students completed internships. Be sure to check out the interviews!

Internship placements also occur all across Canada as well. For complete details regarding research internships, see the Research page.

Durham, England

Angela Kwok, Forensic Psychology, 2012
"The Relationship Between Psychopathic, Borderline, Antisocial Personality Disorder Traits and Sexual Behaviours in Romantic Relationships"
Durham University
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Regine Co, Forensic Psychology, 2014
"Relationship Between Callous-Unemotional Traits, Resistance to Peer Influence, and Peer Delinquency"
Durham University

Natalie Yurkewich, Forensic Psychology, 2014
"Parenting Practices and Exposure to Violence"
Durham University

Cayman Islands

Larissa Johnson, Forensic Psychology, 2012
"The Effect of Recidivism in the Cayman Islands"
Royal Cayman Islands Police Service
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Cherry Pun, Forensic Biology, 2012
"Determining Optimal Wavelengths to Detect Trace Evidence"
Singapore Police Force
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Tsoi Yan Yee Jennifer, Forensic Chemistry, 2014
"Comparison of Genpin with Ninhydrin for Fingerprint Enhancement"
Singapore Police Force

Hawaii, United States of America

Daniel Altman, Forensic Anthropology, 2012
"Diagenesis and the Taphonomic Changes of Buried Bone in a Tropical Environment"
Central Identification Laboratory Joint Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Account Command