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Our faculty and staff come from a wide variety of academic backgrounds, representing the diverse field of forensic science. Many of our instructors and professors are practicing forensic scientists who are able to bring both their technical and courtroom experiences to the classroom.

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Eugene Liscio


Dateline: The Defense's Theory

Expert witness, Eugene Liscio, used a laser scanner 3-D animation to explain the defense's theory of the shooting.

Eugene Liscio is the President of AI2-3D, which provides professional 3D forensic measurement and visualization services. Eugene is also the instructor for UTM's 3D crime scene mapping and reconstruction course.

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Tracy Rogers


Dundas scientist speaks for the dead

Tracy Rogers doesn't read true crime. As one of Canada's lead forensic anthropologists, it's one of her cardinal rules. The Dundas mother of two has consulted on some of Canada's most gruesome murder cases, including the notorious 2002 search of serial killer Robert Pickton's British Columbia pig farm and, most recently, the Tim Bosma mystery.

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Eugene Liscio


U of Toronto launches 3D forensics course

"It's going to be the first of its kind, as far as I know," said Eugene Liscio, head of 3D forensics firm AI2-3D and the incoming president of the IAFSM. "There are workshops and other things that you can go to, but nothing in the academic world that I know of."

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Hisham Ragab


Forensics professor analyzes DNA to work a crime scene

Dr. Hisham Ragab, a physician and forensic scientist who joined UTM’s Forensic Science department in July 2011, is an expert in deciphering DNA fingerprints.

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Marc Dryer

University of Toronto: Professor Marc Dryer, Biomedical Communications

Learn how Marc Dryer uses 3D facial reconstruction techniques to aid police in forensic investigations.

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