Upcoming Events

Many of our events are organized through the UTM Forensics Society, IVNVI. For more details on upcoming events, and if you would like to become a student member, visit

Past Events

Chemistry Nuit Blanche 2011

A student demonstrates fluorescent fingerprinting powder techniques at the downtown Chemistry Nuit Blanche 2011, hosted by the University of Toronto (downtown campus).

This is a list of all our past events that have been featured in articles and/or have a photo gallery. The program hosts many outreach events to increase public education about the forensic science field. Take a look at the menu on the left (or the list below) to see our past demonstrations, tours, and events!


March March Break Open House (UTM Campus)

May - Guest Lecture at Loyola Catholic S.S. by PhD Candidate Ashley Smith 

September - Fall Campus Day (UTM Campus)



December - Discovery Day (UTM Campus, David Leeder Middle School)