Discovery Day 2016

The Forensic Science program hosted Discovery Day for David Leeder Middle School on December 3rd, 2016. The students participated in a series of interactive forensic science labs receiving hands-on experience with fingerprint identification, drug identification and developing a biological profile of a missing person using skeletal remains. Students were presented with a mock crime scenario and processed a crime scene at the CSI House. Physical, DNA and trace evidence was identified and catalogued inside the house. Areas of the house were processed for fingerprints and all processing was documented. Students then analyzed the evidence found in a chemistry drug identification lab and by visiting Dr. Tracy Rogers' anthropology lab. In the anthropology lab, students learned the usefulness of evaluating skeletal remains in order to determine the series of events in a forensic investigation. Overall the students experienced various aspects of a forensic investigation and learned the importance of context and integrating all pieces of evidence.