Queer Bodies: Gender, Disability and Illness (ANT381H5S)

The following is a sample statement from the Queer Bodies: Gender, Disability and Illness (ANT381H5S) syllabi, taught by Zoë H.Wool:

This course is intended for all U of T students, including those of us who occupy social and structural positions that tend to negatively affect equal access to education. This includes those of us with mental, physical, or cognitive disabilities, illness, or impairments and those experiencing food, housing, or financial insecurity. We also note that the world is literally and figuratively on fire around us and this will take its toll on each of us in different ways. If, at any point in the term, you find yourself not able to fully access the space, content, and experience of this course, you are welcome (and not required) to contact me by email or during office hours to discuss your specific needs.

If you have a documented disability, illness, or impairment, we encourage you to contact Accessibility Services (by telephone at 905-569-4699, via email, or by visiting the website). They can help you create an accommodation plan to ensure appropriate accommodations without disclosing your condition or diagnosis to course instructors. Please note that these services are available to those who have documented conditions only.

If you are experiencing food or housing insecurity, you may find the resources available through the University of Toronto Student Union helpful, including emergency bursaries and childcare funds. If you are experiencing a temporary housing crisis, you can contact the UTM office of student housing at 905-828-5286.

If you need mental health support, the University of Toronto has created a centralized website with various resources:

  • The UTM Health & Counselling Centre (HCC) offers services for students experiencing health and well-being concerns, including those related to COVID-19. Please call the HCC at 905-828-5255 to book an appointment
  • If you are experiencing an acute mental health crisis, these 24/7 hotlines are available to you (additional hotlines are listed at the website above):
    • Gerstine Crisis Center: (416) 929-5200
    • U of T My Student Support Program:1-844-451-9700 (outside of North America, call 001-416-380-6578) or download the app from the App store or Google Play
    • Good2Talk Student Helpline: 1-866-925-5454

Equity and Academic Rights: the University of Toronto is committed to equity and respect for diversity. All members of the learning environment in this course should strive to create an atmosphere of mutual respect. As a course instructor, I will neither condone nor tolerate behaviour that undermines the dignity or self-esteem of any individual in this course and wish to be alerted to any attempt to create an intimidating or hostile environment. It is our collective responsibility to create a space that is inclusive and welcomes discussion. Discrimination, harassment and hate speech will not be tolerated. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns you may contact the UTM Equity and Diversity Office or the UTM Students’ Union Vice President of Equity.

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