Media Camp 2022

This event took place May 10-11, 2022. If you missed it, please see the recap: "Don’t be intimidated': Tips and takeaways from UTM’s first Media Camp".


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Learn more about media relations from experts in the field. Canadian journalists are looking for U of T experts to share their insight. Media Camp 2022 provides a high-level introduction to media work for researchers as well as opportunities to learn from colleagues on how to start engaging with this work. Building on the success of Media Camp 2021, hosted by the Temerty Faculty of Medicine and School of Cities, we invite all the U of T research community to learn more about media relations from colleagues and experts in the field. 

This event is a direct result of a focus on delivering quality knowledge dissemination insights to the research community and communications colleagues across U of T, as well as a commitment by senior leadership at UTM to ensuring digital safety and sharing best practices in keeping online spaces safer. 

The two-day event comprises six sessions:

Note: sessions will not be recorded.

Who should attend?

Any U of T researcher, faculty member, librarian, staff member, postdoctoral fellow, sessional instructors, and CLTA who wants to know more about the media interview process and feel more comfortable working with journalists. 

 UTM co-leads:  

  • Heather Hines 
  • Elizabeth Parke 
  • Shauna Rempel  
  • Carla DeMarco 

With strategic support from: 

  • Gabe Giroday  
  • Jessica Boafo    
  • Ravisha Mall 
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Session Details

Media Training sessions

May 10, 2-3pm EST and May 11, 9-10am EST

Interested in learning tools and strategies for engaging in media work? Get an overview of media training. Gabrielle Giroday, Jessica Boafo and Ravisha Mall will provide an overview of media training both days of Media Camp. Their short sessions will introduce attendees to how to craft compelling stories, what outlets to consider pitching to, and what to consider when giving interviews. Training will be the same both days. 


Confidence for Media Work 

May 10, 9:30-10:30am EST 

The Confidence for Media Work session brings together experts and working journalists to encourage researchers to seek out opportunities to work with journalists and strategies for how to become comfortable with the media interview process.  

Moderator: Blake Eligh, Communications, UTM



May 10,11am-12pm EST

The Op-Eds session will focus on pitching, writing, and publishing of Op-Eds. Join Vinita Srivastava from The Conversation and UTM faculty with Op-Ed publication experience to learn strategies for translating research work into opinion pieces as well as what editors are looking for when publishing Op-Eds.  

Moderator: Elizabeth Parke, OVPR & CDRS, UTM 


Content Creation: Audio 

May 10,1-2pm EST

From podcasts to radio interviews Content Creation Audio session will explore how aural forms of broadcast can be approached by researchers. Learn how current podcasters Sonia Kang (For the Love of Work) and Carla DeMarco (View to the U) approach their work, find audience members, and develop episodes. 

Moderator: Kasia Mychajlowycz, The Globe and Mail 


Social Media and the Public Eye 

May 11,10-11am EST

Social media platforms can be a powerful tool for research mobilization and dissemination as well as building online communities. This session will offer tips for best practices for engaging with the public on these platforms as well as considerations for digital safety when doing this type of knowledge work. 

Moderator: Shauna Rempel, Communications, UTM 


Content Creation: Visuals 

May 11th 1-2pm EST

Creating compelling websites, videos, or photographs often accompanies research dissemination. Learn strategies for how to begin making visuals or consider how to integrate visual creation into your existing research programs. The panelists will share their current visual work and how they approach presenting their research with high visual impact, what platforms they choose to use, and what to consider when doing this type of work. 

Moderator: Michael Corrin, BioMedical Communications/Biology 


Interviewing for Broadcast 

May 11, 2-3pm EST

Interviewing for Broadcast takes a broad approach to preparing for this type of media work. From radio to live-TV this session will highlight the ways to prepare, what to expect when the final version goes to air, and how to focus your message for the type of interview being conducted. Join panelists from UTM and the CBC to explore how broadcast interviews can be part of public knowledge dissemination. 

Moderator: Maleeha Sheikh, CityNews 


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Code of Conduct (adapted from the DLF Code of Conduct)

Media Camp 2022 @UTM is committed to ensuring collaborative sessions that are free from all forms of harassment, and inclusive of all people. It is intended as a space of educating and building community and emphasizing how to make spaces, including digital spaces, safer for all members of our community. 

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