Use of Credit/No Credit

Use of Credit/No Credit


Use of Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) courses taken during the Winter 2015 Session towards Subject POSts offered by the UTM Department of Economics:

As a result of the CUPE 3902 Unit 1 strike, until April 6 students are permitted to elect the CR/NC option in lieu of receiving a course grade for courses affected by the TA strike. Please see FAQ's for information.

Credit for any such course will count towards fulfillment of program requirements for any Subject POSt offered by the department.  This decision WILL NOT depend on which department (or campus) offered the course nor the reason why credit rather than grade was granted.  This decision will only apply to courses taken during January - April 2015.

Students WILL NOT be exempt from meeting the grade requirements for admission to programs offered by the department. The CR/NC option cannot be used for courses that are admission requirements. However, the department will not penalize students who elect the CR/NC option in courses not required for admission to a program even though they will not contribute towards their GPA.  Please note that CR/NC cannot be applied for eligibility into certain upper level Economics courses requiring a specific mark (i.e.ECO325H5, 326H5, 327Y5 460H5).

For further general information regarding implications of the strike action please see FAQ's.

For specific questions regarding the Department of Economic's policy please consult our Academic Counsellor, Ruby Mack.