Information for Employers


Harness the knowledge and enthusiasm of our fourth-year undergraduate students by providing supervision for projects or work experience. In exchange for the commitment to provide a project, guidance and a work environment for the student, the employer will receive 200 hours of work from a UTM student specializing in Economics. We hope and trust that our students will make a real contribution to the work of the organization. Employers also have an opportunity to assess the qualifications of UTM near-graduates. UTM is very interested in fostering working relationships with members of our community outside academia; there are many mutual benefits to such relationships.

Some employers involved in the UTM internship courses are long-time friends of UTM; some have supervised many students over the years. Some have hired UTM graduates and some are UTM graduates. Other supervisors are joining us for the first time; we welcome them and thank all of our employers warmly. Many supervisors feel that their involvement in this course gives them a chance to mentor the next generation of experts, and to fulfill a commitment to the community – a chance to “give something back”. We are very appreciative of the efforts of all our employers and supervisors; without their contributions, a course like this would not be possible.

As an example some of the areas of expertise which our fourth-year economics undergraduate students have can include:

  • Financial Economics
  • Urban Economics
  • International Monetary Economics
  • Public Policy and Public Administration
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Statistics
  • Economics of Education
  • Analytical Skills

In return for this unpaid expertise, you will only need to provide space and supervision to the student for 1 or 2 full days a week or a combination of half-days if that works best. At the end of the placement, we ask that the direct supervisor completes a very brief assessment form. We would also be very pleased if you could take the time to attend the student year-end poster session held in March, which is an enjoyable visual caption to the experiential learning experience. More detailed information can be found in our overview.

Some of our partner organizations who have participated in the program include:

  • Atlantic Council of Canada
  • Bank of Canada
  • Bell Canada
  • Canadian Urban Institute
  • City of Mississauga
  • Cosmos Sports
  • Edward Jones
  • Environment and Climate Change Canada
  • Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP
  • Impact Infrastructure
  • Innovation, Science and Economics Development Canada
  • Integral Wealth Securities Ltd.
  • Mississauga Board of Trade
  • National Bank Financial
  • Nigel Capital
  • Ontario Financing Authority
  • Progress Capital
  • RIC Centre
  • Social Planning Council of Peel
  • The Government of Ontario
  • TMX Group Inc.
  • Town of Oakville
  • Yellow Bear Studios

If you are interested in becoming an intern supervisor by offering a placement to one of our students, please contact Corrine Bent-Womack in the Department of Economics.

Benefits to employers

  • Motivated student interns with specialized knowledge in their field providing skills to complete a special project
  • Provide the opportunity for a Company's permanent staff to gain supervisory experience
  • 200 hours of high quality, unpaid, university-sponsored student work
  • Headstart on recruitment
  • Connection to the University of Toronto for possible research, teaching and recruitment
  • Contribution to community and public service
  • Increase name recognition of a hiring organization on campus
  • Student insured through U of T liability coverage and for WSIB coverage by the government of Ontario