Graduate Writing Group

What is the RGASC Graduate Writing Group?


Finding time to write as a graduate student can be difficult with numerous competing responsibilities. Joining the RGASC’s Graduate Writing Group is a great way for graduate students who are currently working on a thesis, dissertation, publication, or a similarly large writing project to stay motivated, set and meet writing goals, learn about aspects of writing, and connect with a writing community with the support of a Writing Specialist. The Graduate Writing Group is an online group that meets weekly via zoom.

Winter 2023 Semester

The Winter 2023 Graduate Writing Group will meet on Mondays from 10am to 1pm ET from January 16th to April 17th.

Each week, time will be dedicated to discussions about writing (i.e., technical and/or non-technical aspects of writing) and four 30-minute sessions of independent writing. 

Graduate students should only register if they are able to attend the majority of the weeks (no less than 6 weeks).


If you have any questions regarding the Graduate Writing Group, please contact the RGASC at