Faculty & Instructors

Teaching and Learning Support

We support UTM's teaching and learning mission by providing support for instructors to help them create the best possible learning experiences for their students.

Appointments for Instructors

We provide one-on-one assistance with everything from general teaching skills to assignment design to crafting a statement of teaching philosophy.

Initiatives and Programs You Can Implement Within Your Courses

Through a variety of initiatives, instructors are welcome to propose projects that will help students develop writing, numeracy, or study skills as part of a course. We're available to consult on project proposals, provide specialized TA training and programming for your students, and provide project assessment support.

In-Course Support and Training for TAs

Instructors are welcome to contact us at any time of the year for support and specialized training for their Teaching Assistants. We can help lead benchmarking sessions or provide discipline-specific and generic training for first-time TAs.

Additional Resources