Boarding Policy

Shuttle service is fare-free for currently registered UTM students with an active T-Card at no additional fee.

St. George (UTSG), Scarborough students(UTSC), UofT staff, faculty and all other passengers are required to pay a fare or bus pass.

Student TCards are required at all times when boarding the UTM shuttle bus. A photo  of your TCard is not an acceptable substitute. If for any reason a TCard or bus pass is not presented to the driver for verification at time of boarding, a non-refundable ticket must be presented to the driver.

  • Bus drivers use a device to validate U of T Mississauga shuttle bus riders from non-UTM shuttle bus riders, by tapping or scanning their student TCards and bus passes as they board the bus.
  • Students who are not affiliated/registered with the Mississauga campus, regardless if they are taking a course at UTM, must present a purchased bus ticket in order to board.

TCard Replacement Fee

As per the Information and Instructional Technology office (I&ITS) on TCards: "Although the initial TCard is free, the replacement fee for lost or stolen cards is $20. Once a replacement card has been issued, all prior cards are no longer valid and cannot be reactivated." For more information on TCards please visit the I&ITS Website here.

Summer Semester Fares

UTM students who are registered and have paid their fees for the summer semester are eligible to board the shuttle bus at no additional charge provided the student can present their valid TCard for verification at time of boarding.

Any student, including UTM students, who are not registered for the summer semester will be required to purchase a ticket at the rate of $7 and present it to the driver at each time of boarding. This ticket fare is non-refundable.

Shuttle Regulations

Neither UTM, its employees, nor any shuttle staff employed by a third party and performing work on behalf of UTM Parking and Transportation Services, shall be responsible for loss or damage to any property, however caused.

  • Eating is prohibited at all times while on the shuttle bus because of food allergies, garbage and choking hazards. Shuttle bus users will be asked to either discard their food prior to boarding, or store it out of sight in a sealed container.
  • Only water bottles, travel mugs or other drinking containers with sealable or screw-top lids are permitted on the shuttle bus. Passengers are asked to take their containers and unwanted items with them when exiting the shuttle bus for disposal. The driver reserves the right to restrict 'oversize' and unsafe items being carried on the shuttle bus. 
  • Electric scooters are not permitted on the bus for safety reasons. 
  • Smoking and vaping tobacco, cannabis and other products is prohibited at all times.

Shuttle departure times are approximate, usually within ten minutes. Schedules and fares are subject to modification by UTM Parking and Transportation Services as necessary. UTM is not responsible for service disruptions or delays, including, but not limited to, weather and traffic.

Access to those who wish to use the shuttle bus is not guaranteed at the time most convenient. Available seats range from 36-48 depending on the bus and if mobility aids are present (calculated at two persons per seat).

The Shuttle stop at the UTM campus is located at the Instructional Centre Layby. The Shuttle stop at the St. George Campus is temporarily relocated to 21 Classic Avenue (Wetmore Hall). 

The shuttle bus does NOT make unscheduled or amended stops.

Terms of Use

TCard and Bus Pass Validation

Newly purchased or replaced Shuttle Passes/TCards are subject to a processing delay of 4 days. If shuttle service is required during the delay period, a card must still be presented when boarding and a purchased ticket used until the pass has been activated. On-the-bus receipts may be requested from the driver for the ticket used.

Any person wanting to use the shuttle bus must present their pass to the bus driver to be scanned for validation. This regulation is in effect at all times throughout the year.

If a valid pass is not presented a shuttle bus ticket must be purchased for $7 and presented to the bus driver. Tickets must be purchased in advance. The drivers do not sell tickets or collect cash. Tickets are non-refundable. An on-the-bus receipt will not be issued if a bus pass/TCard is not presented to the bus driver for validation.

Persons whose passes cannot be validated when scanned by the driver must present a purchased shuttle ticket. An on-the-bus receipt may be obtained from the bus driver for the ticket used only if a pass has been presented and denied. The pass and receipt must be brought to the IT Helpdesk, CCT Lower Level Atrium, for refund validation.

If problems occur with your card giving you access to the Shuttle Bus, please go to the IT Helpdesk located in the CCT Building, Lower Level Atrium for assistance.

Damage or problems will be assessed and appropriate action taken to repair/replace the pass. Replacement fees may apply.

Boarding Policy / Boarding Issues

If a TCard or bus pass is presented when boarding but the card is seen as 'invalid' when the PDA device is swiped, the passenger must present a purchased bus ticket to the driver in order to board the bus.

An 'on-the-bus receipt' can then be requested from the driver. (It is recommended that students carry one shuttle ticket on their person just in case of such problems, however this is up to the student's discretion as tickets are non-refundable).

If for any reason a TCard or bus pass is not presented to the driver for verification at time of boarding, a purchased one-way ticket must be presented to the driver. An 'on-the-bus' receipt will not be issued for the ticket and a reimbursement will not be issued for its use. Anyone who is unable to present their TCard or bus pass at the time of boarding, for any reason, is not eligible for a ticket reimbursement.

'On-the-bus receipts' are the only form of receipt considered for reimbursement at the Shuttle Bus Office.

Sales Receipts and unused tickets are not eligible for reimbursement.

Additional instructions and office location are printed on the receipt given to the student for reference. Students must take their on-the-bus receipt and their card to the Shuttle Bus Office for validation and diagnosis at least three business days after the receipt was issued. Eligibility for reimbursement will be determined. *On-the-bus-receipts expire four months after the issue date of the receipt. A refund will not be issued past four months of the on-the-bus-receipt issue date.

Children under the age of 12 are permitted to use the shuttle bus service at no additional fee. They must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Our contracted third-party service provider has outlined the followng criteria:

  1. The child must be older than a year
  2. Must be able to walk on their own
  3. Must be able to sit up under their own power in the seat beside the caregiver.

For safety reasons, the shuttle bus does not permit large strollers as they may block the aisle and cannot be stored safely on the bus. Umbrella strollers are accepted but must be stored safely and tucked under the seat. 

Support Animals are welcomed on the Shuttle Bus. In complaince with AODA Customer Service Standard, "Service animals are animals, typically dogs, trained to help people with disabilities maintain independance. Support animals have an identification card, or letter from a healthcare practitioner, confirming that the individual requires the animal for reasons relating to a disability".

We ask passengers to please not distract the service animal while on the bus — this includes talking, petting or feeding.

A Support Person accompanies a person with a disability in order to help with communication, personal care or medical needs. One ticket fare, each way, would be required for the passenger. The support person would not be required to pay an additional fare to ride the shuttle.