FirstView Bus Tracking App for UTM Shuttle Users

New: FirstView Bus Tracking App for UTM Shuttle Users 

Now you can use the FirstView app to track your shuttle in real time! The app’s live mapping function allows you to see all active shuttle buses, with updates every 15-30 seconds.  

  • The FirstView app’s live map has been adapted from its original purpose for UTM Shuttle bus users
  •  Shuttle bus users are encouraged to use the mapping function to track buses in real-time  
  • Only the live mapping function is available at this time

Important notes:  

  • There is NO bus tracking available on weekends. It is only available Monday-Friday 

  • The adaptation of FirstView’s live map feature for the UTM Shuttle Service is currently in the early pilot stage, but is being offered to users ‘as-is’ because we recognize the importance of having access to this functionality. As testing and configuration continue, there may be times when not everything functions as expected. For example, a bus may indicate “No GPS” information for a period of time 

How to log in:  


Add A Student Image


  1. Download the FirstView app from the App Store or Google Play.  A Web platform is also available that displays live traffic information.
  2. Select “Profile” from menu options and then select “Add a Student.” (The app is for everyone and you don’t need a student number to access it.) 
  3. From the dropdown menu, select Ontario as the state/province and University of Toronto as the district. 
  4. When prompted, type UTMSTG as your “student”. Note that the code is case sensitive and must be capitalized. For those taking the UTM-Sheridan shuttle, type in SHER 


How to read the FirstView map:  

FirstView Map Image


The map is interactive.

Use two fingers to pinch, zoom and move the map when tracking your shuttle’s current location.

Updates appear every 15-30 seconds.

A timer in the upper left-hand corner confirms the app is updating. The arrow above the bus icon shows which direction the bus is moving as it progresses on its route. 

Who to contact: 

For general questions/assistance about using the app and how it works, contact FirstView Support. Support is available Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-5 p.m. ET via the envelope icon within the app, or 888-889-8920.

*A reminder that only the live map functionality is being supported at this time.*