Accessible Transportation

The majority of shuttle buses are accessibly equipped with two spaces available for passengers who use mobility devices such as wheelchairs and scooters.

Accessible service is available at all campus stop locations, including the UTM Instructional Centre, UTM North Building and the St. George's shuttle stops.

Support Animals are welcomed on the Shuttle Bus. In compliance with AODA Customer Service Standard, "Service animals are animals, typically dogs, trained to help people with disabilities maintain independence. Support animals have an identification card, or letter from a healthcare practitioner, confirming that the individual requires the animal for reasons relating to a disability". We ask passengers to please not distract the service animal while on the bus — this includes talking, petting or feeding.

Support Person accompanies a person with a disability in order to help with communication, personal care or medical needs. One ticket fare, each way, would be required for the passenger. The support person would not be required to pay an additional fare to ride the shuttle.

If you require accessible service for specific departure times provided by the current operating schedule, please contact Parking and Transportation Services for additional information, and we can assist you with trip confirmation in advance.


Please note that most departure times are serviced by accessibly equipped buses.

For information on Accessible Parking on campus, please visit the U of T Mississauga Parking Services Website here.

Additional Accessible Transportation Services