Terms of Use & Policy


The Shuttle Pass is governed by the regulations set forth by the UTM Transportation Services. Knowledge and understanding of these regulations are the responsibility of the Pass Holder. This includes the Shuttle Bus pass Regulations, as well as all other governance which oversees the University Shuttle Bus Service in its entirety. By accepting a Shuttle Bus Pass, applicants agree to abide by these Rules and Regulations.

The Shuttle Pass is issued by, and remains the property of, the UTM Transportation Services. The Shuttle Pass is non-transferable.

Rules and regulations are enforced by the UTM Parking and Transportation Services. Rules and regulations are subject to change as necessary.

All persons using the Shuttle Bus facilities are subject to the regulations detailed herein, in addition to any other documents which govern the shuttle bus services.

Violations of shuttle regulations, improper or dishonest use of Shuttle Bus Passes, failure to pay fees or failure to comply with instructions from Parking and Transportation Services may result in the withdrawal of shuttle privileges.

Terms of Use

Bus Passes

Passes may not be transferred from one person to another. The registered pass owner must be the sole user of the pass.

Transferring or sharing of a pass is prohibited. If such activity occurs, both participating parties’ shuttle privileges will be revoked. Drivers have the right to hold cards for improper use.

Passes may not be reproduced or altered. The use of reproduced or altered passes is a violation of these regulations and will result in corrective action and fines.

Passes may not be sold, exchanged, given away or purchased from any person or agency other than the UTM Parking and Transportation Services. 

Lost or stolen passes can be replaced for a fee. Shuttle passes can be replaced at the Shuttle Bus Office, CCT Lower Level Atrium CC 0160B.

Only one pass will be issued for each fee paid.

Pass Validation

Newly purchased or replaced Shuttle Passes are subject to a processing delay. If shuttle service is required during the delay period, a pass must still be presented when boarding and a purchased ticket used until the pass has been activated.

On-the-bus receipts may be requested from the driver for the ticket used.

Any person wanting to use the shuttle bus must present their pass to the bus driver to be swiped for validation. This regulation is in effect at all times throughout the year.

 If a valid pass is not presented a shuttle bus ticket must be purchased for $7 and presented to the bus driver. Tickets must be purchased in advance. The drivers do not sell tickets or collect cash. Tickets are non-refundable. An on-the-bus receipt will not be issued if a bus pass is not presented to the bus driver for validation.

Persons whose passes cannot be validated when swiped by the driver must present a purchased shuttle ticket. An on-the-bus receipt may be obtained from the bus driver for the ticket used only if a pass has been presented and denied. The pass and receipt must be brought to the Shuttle Bus Office CCT Lower Level Atrium, for refund validation.

If problems occur with your Shuttle pass giving you access to the Shuttle Bus, please go to the Shuttle Bus Office located in the CCT Lower Level Atrium, with your Shuttle pass for assistance.

Damage or problems will be assessed and appropriate action taken to repair/replace the pass. Replacement fees may apply.

Any change of an individual’s status, name, address, office location or telephone number must be reported immediately to the Shuttle Bus Office.

Shuttle passes expire according to the term purchased. They cannot be validated (used) past the expiry date. Any shuttle pass used improperly will be confiscated.

Boarding Policy

If a TCard or Bus Pass is presented when boarding but the card is seen as 'invalid' when the PDA device is swiped, the passenger must present a purchased bus ticket to the driver in order to board the bus

An 'on-the-bus receipt' can then be requested from the driver. (It is recommended that students carry one shuttle ticket on their person just in case of such problems, however this is up to the student's discretion as tickets are non-refundable).  

If for any reason a TCard or bus pass is not presented to the driver for verification at time of boarding, a purchased one-way ticket must be presented to the driver. An 'on-the-bus' receipt will not be issued for the ticket and a reimbursement will not be issued for its use. Anyone who is unable to present their TCard or bus pass at the time of boarding, for any reason, is not eligible for a ticket reimbursement. 

'On-the-bus receipts' are the only form of receipt considered for reimbursement at the Shuttle Bus Office.

Additional instructions and office location are printed on the receipt given to the student for reference. Students must take their on-the-bus receipt and their card to the Shuttle Bus Office for validation and diagnosis at least three business days after the receipt was issued. Eligibility for reimbursement will be determined. *On-the-bus-receipts expire four months after the issue date of the receipt. A refund will not be issued past four months of the on-the-bus-receipt issue date.

Cancellations and Refunds

All Shuttle Pass refunds are subject to a $50 cancellation fee.

Passes can only be cancelled in the term in which it was purchased.

Cancellations made before the first five business days of the month will receive that month’s refund rate. Any cancellations made after the first five business days of the month will be awarded the next month’s refund rate in accordance to the pro-rated refund schedule. No exceptions will be made.

There are no refunds for passes cancelled after the fifth business day of November, March, or July (date is subject to active permit term).

Drivers hold the right to confiscate fraudulent passes for improper use. Confiscated passes will be terminated.

Tickets are non-refundable. Reimbursements, exchanges and/or credits will not be issued by any shuttle bus ticket sales location or by the Parking and Transportation Office under any circumstance. Shuttle Bus Office only.

Reimbursements/discounts will not be granted for months where shuttle service is minimized. This includes but is not limited to the summer term, holidays and/or university closures.

Reimbursements will not be granted if the shuttle does not operate due to inclement weather, traffic, construction and so forth. 

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