Internship Opportunities 2020

Internship projects are based on departmental need and the strengths of the intern, so no two projects are alike. During the application process, you will be asked to select up to three departments you are interested in working with and pitch a project idea for each. Some departments have also proposed project ideas they are looking to be fulfilled.

Read below to learn a little bit more about each of the departments involved in the UTM OISE Higher Education Internship program.


Centre for Student Engagement - ACCEPTING INTERNS

The Centre for Student Engagement at the University of Toronto Mississauga is committed to holistic student learning and development. Informed by research and assessment, our campus & community based co-curricular programs, services and initiatives promote access to post-secondary education, transition into university, student engagement and community engaged learning.

Current Opportunity: 

Student Leadership Awards Assistant 

This position will review and make recommendations on the coordination and selection process, marketing strategy, and spring event for UTM’s student leadership awards ( The role will also coordinate all the selection processes and the planning of the annual end of year event for the 2020/21 student leadership awards.


International Education Centre - ACCEPTING INTERNS

The International Education Centre provides a range of programs and services tailored to support and enhance the experience of our global students. Committed to holistic learning, we strive to meet the diverse needs of our global students while ensuring compliance with changing government policy related to immigration and international student support from authorized educational agents.

Current Opportunity: 

Program Development Assistant 

The International Education Centre is currently soliciting project ideas from potential interns. In your application, please include a brief overview of a project you would like to complete as an IEC intern, and outline how the project alligns with your educational goals, and prior coursework. Please visit the International Education Centre website to review current programming and strategic priorities to ensure that project submissions allign with departmental goals. 


Health & Counselling - not accepting interns for Fall/Winter 2020

The Health & Counselling Centre offers support, resources and care for physical and mental health issues, as well as supports students in difficulty and crisis. Our services include comprehensive medical care, counselling & psychiatric care, nutritional counselling, health education and promotion, dispensary, vaccinations and immunizations and more.


Student Housing & Residence Life - not accepting interns for Fall/Winter 2020

The University of Toronto Mississauga Department of Student Housing & Residence Life advances the mission of the University by creating a holistic student experience that promotes academic and personal success. We provide facilities that are safe & secure, well-maintained, and competitively priced in an effort to foster a supportive community that values diversity, equity and inclusion. Informed by research & assessment, we offer innovative programs & services that enhance student learning & development. Our peer-based approach, dedicated professional staff and collaborative attitude contribute to a unique and unparalleled student experience.


Recreation, Athletics & Wellness - not accepting interns for Fall/Winter 2020 

The Department of Recreation, Athletics & Wellness creates a friendly and safe environment that welcomes our diverse community to participate in physical activity; Offers a continuum of programming, everything from casual recreation to varsity / excellence; Fosters an environment of respect and fairness that promotes individual pride and UTM spirit; Develops a wide range of opportunities for student leadership in support of our programs; and plays an integral role in the learning environment of university campus and community life.

Office of the Registrar - not accepting interns for Fall/Winter 2020

The Office of the Registrar is the administrative office responsible for undergraduate recruitment and admissions, transfer credit, registration, enrolment, academic and financial advising, financial aid services, scheduling, exams, records management, and graduation. Students receive one-on-one guidance to ensure that the quality of support meets their individual needs whether in person, or online. We work with partners across the entire university including the Dean’s Office, academic departments and student affairs.  We leverage existing and new technologies to support students, staff, and faculty to maximize efficiencies, excellent service, and meaningful collaboration


Accessibility Services - not accepting interns for Fall/Winter 2020

The mission of Accessibility Services is to ensure that all students with disabilities can freely and actively participate in all facets of University life; to provide and coordinate services and programs that enable students with disabilities to maximize their educational potential and to increase awareness of inclusive values among all members of the University community.


Career Centre - not accepting interns for Fall/Winter 2020

To engage students in the career development process throughout their time at UTM and two years after graduation. As career educators, the UTM Career Centre helps students and recent graduates to: Make career & academic plans, based on self-knowledge & career information; Identify & seek relevant experience and relevant network connections during & after UTM; and learn the process of lifelong career management.