Campus Labs

Campus Labs is a third-party vendor that provides assessment tools, technology, and training programs to help make assessment projects in Student Affairs & Services easy and achievable. Through the Office of the Vice-Provost, Students, Student Affairs & Services staff across all three campuses have access to the services provided by Campus Labs.

Through Campus Labs, You Can:

  • Create on-line web-based surveys or rubrics and have instant access to the results;
  • Create handheld device (iTouch)-based surveys and upload results to the Campus Labs site;
  • Access sample survey tools from the Campus Labs toolkit;
  • Conduct analysis using cross-tabs and filters;
  • Report your results using graphs and charts; and
  • Participate in webinars on assessment-related topics, at no additional charge.

How to Obtain User Access & Project Approval:

  1. Submit a User Request Form to request access to Campus Labs. Your request will be forwarded to the Assistant Dean, Students & International Initiatives, who will then provide you with a User ID and Password for the UTM Campus Labs site.
  2. To administrate a survey campus-wide or institution-wide you will need to obtain institutional approval by completing the UTM Request a Project web form; requests should be provided at least ten business days in advance of distribution date. For surveys only distributed to users of a specific service, no pre-approval is required.
  3. Once you have obtained institutional approval to conduct your assessment project (if necessary), login to the Campus Labs site and select the Campus Labs "Request a Project" web form, fill out the form and upload your survey file. Campus Labs staff will develop your survey and respond when the survey can be previewed.
  4. Launch survey and report your results. Share widely -- assessment helps us do our work better!