Past Projects

Past Internship Projects

Past interns have:

  • Developed campus-wide health and wellness initiatives by conducting stakeholder consultations with health promotion professionals in postsecondary institutions across Canada, compiling a literature review of the impact of wellness fairs on campuses, and developing a project implementation and evaluation plan for the event;
  • Researched how UTM’s Study Abroad program is assessed and how past participant feedback can impact the future of the program and developed a report with suggestions on how to implement;
  • Researched the links that exist between Community Engaged Learning and Work Integrated Learning and provided recommendations for community incubation projects that are designed with human design thinking and student development theory in mind;
  • Developed facilitator and participant handbooks for a number of the Centre for Student Engagement’s leadership workshops, along with learning outcomes and development assessment surveys for each session.


Intern Experience

"Participating in the OISE internship and working in the International Education Centre was such an eye-opening experience. Specific to my department, it was really interesting to see how international students navigate their experiences and how student practitioners can play a role in positively impacting these students. Overall, being part of the OISE internship allowed me to reflect on personal goals, have mentors in the field, and made me feel like I made a contribution to student life." – Lindsay D'Souza, OISE UTM Intern, 2019 


“Working for the IEC was a challenging but amazing experience. Going into the internship I wasn't sure what to expect, but I ended up learning so much from all of the staff and had an awesome time getting to know everyone in the office. One of the best parts about the internship was learning about many people's roles in the IEC and other offices at UTM, which gave me a better idea of what student affairs professionals do. For my project I had to write a guide, which was very challenging but rewarding when I had finished the final product. I'm sure this experience will help me with future roles. Although there were many challenges, I very much enjoyed the experience.” – Taiya Brown, OISE UTM Intern, 2018