Winter 2023 Class Schedule

Winter 2023 Class Schedule - yr. 1

Please note that there may be slight alterations to the following schedule based on program needs.

Course: Schedule: Teaching/Delivery Method: Instructor:
MUI1075H Wed.
10:00 - 12:00

Prof. Shauna Brail

MUI1030H    In-person  Prof. Tara Vinodrai
MUI1080H   In-person   




Prof. Gabriel Eidelman

Internship Prep Monday and/or Friday* In-person Placement & Employer Relations Manager - Natasha Walli

*Professional Development may occur during other time slots throughout the week but will primarily occur on these days.

Winter 2023 Class Schedule - yr. 2

MUI2055H   In-person  TBD
MUI2095H Wed. 13:00 - 16:00 In-person  Prof. Shauna Brail
MUI2020H   In-person Karen Chapple