aerial photo of UTM campus surrounded by forest

Consultations begin on new vision plan for UTM

Blake Eligh

What is U of T Mississauga, and where are we going as an institution and a community? Those are the big questions posed by a new Draft Vision Statement and consultation plan launched this fall by the office of the Vice-Principal Academic and Dean.

The draft statement was created by Interim Vice-President and Principal Ulrich Krull, along with Professor Amrita Daniere, vice-principal academic and dean, and Professor Bryan Stewart, vice-principal, research, and it takes into account existing documents, including the 2015 external review of the campus and the 2012 Academic Plan. Once finalized, the Vision Statement will create a cohesive vision for the campus, setting the course for an updated strategic plan and helping to guide future decisions.

“In recent years, the UTM campus has seen a great deal of growth,” Krull says. “We haven’t had an opportunity to reflect on where we’re going. It’s time for the community to understand where it’s going and our values as we move ahead.”

“A big message of the external review was that UTM needs a direction and purpose that we can all get behind and support,” says Daniere. “Where do we want to be? What do we want UTM to stand for? We want our students, our staff and faculty and our alumni to have a clear idea about what the UTM name says about their qualifications.”

The draft plan will be presented to stakeholder groups during the fall, including the Academic Affairs Committee, Campus Council and at town halls hosted by Krull.

Open houses will be held in October and November, along with facilitated focus groups with faculty, staff and student stakeholders in November. Daniere has also committed to personally reviewing all feedback submitted by email or anonymously through the vice -dean’s website.

“We are looking forward to working with the entire UTM community to develop a Vision Statement that is inclusive, progressive and creative,” Daniere says. “We’re hoping for open discussion. People will have their voices heard.”

A more refined version of the plan will be presented in December. The final version will be ready by May 2017, in time to help guide decisions for the next budget cycle.

Read the Draft Vision Statement here >