Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies: Topic Courses

2024- 2025 Fall/Winter


WGS434H5F: Special Topics in Women and Gender Studies: Pedagogies of Protest (Instructor: B. Bain)

This course focuses on the critical journey and complexities, tensions, and pedagogical possibilities of contemporary forms of resistance to repressive structures, institutions, and practices. The course engages teaching, learning, and refusals, such as teach-ins, encampments, blockades, performance, art, poetry, social media and archival practice.

WGS434H5S: Special Topics in Women and Gender Studies: Gender and Alt-right Populism on Social Media Platforms (Instructor: Z. Farokhi)

This course introduces contemporary right-wing movements through an intersectional feminist lens, focusing on conceptual and theoretical foundations. It examines how alt-right politics intersect with digital media and governance technologies. The course explores similarities and differences among right-wing actors in the Global North and South, using case studies to highlight the roles of gender, race, religion, and nationalism.