CUPE 3902 Unit 1 - UTM Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistant postings are listed on the CUPE 3902 Unit 1 Job Postings website.

The following positions are available for the upcoming academic session:

Fall/Winter 2019/20 - Teaching Assistant - Classical Civilization

CLA101H5F: Introduction to Classical Civilization
CLA233H5F: Introduction to Roman Culture and Society

Fall/Winter 2019/20 - Teaching Assistant - History

HIS101H5F: Introduction to History
HIS201H5S: Introduction to Middle Eastern History 
HIS211H5S: Screening History 
HIS221H5F: Themes in Medieval History
HIS241H5F: Introduction to 19th-Century European History
HIS242H5S: Introduction to Contemporary European History
HIS282H5F: Introduction to South Asian History
HIS284H5F: Introduction to East Asian History
HIS295H5F: Introduction to African History
HIS340H5S: The Reformation in Europe 
HIS374H5F: Gender and Sexuality in the US, 1945-present

Fall/Winter 2019/20 - Teaching Assistant - History of Religions

RLG101H5F: Introduction to the Study of Religion
RLG101H5S: Introduction to the Study of Religion
RLG204H5S: Introduction to Islam and Muslim Civilizations
RLG210H5S: Introduction to Hinduism

Fall/Winter 2019/20 - Teaching Assistant - Women and Gender Studies

WGS101H5F: Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
WGS102H5S: Reading and Writing in Women and Gender Studies
WGS202H5S: Fundamentals of Research in Women and Gender Studies
WGS205H5F: Introduction to Feminism and Popular Culture
WGS210H5S: Women, Gender and Labour
WGS353H5S: Theories of Masculinity

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