Independent Study Courses

An independent study course in the Department of Historical Studies involves working on an individual research project in an area of interest to the student, which is supervised by a faculty member with expertise in the relevant area.These courses are primarily intended for students enrolled in a Specialist or Major program. Students must find an appropriate supervisor, obtain approval from him/her for the project, and submit a completed Registration Form to the office in Historical Studies (North Building, fourth floor). Only one full-credit (1.0) Independent Study course or two half-credit (0.5) Independent Study courses are permitted.

List of Courses:

  • CLA499H5, 497Y5 
  • HIS499H5, 497Y5
  • RLG499H5, 497Y5
  • WGS410H5, 411Y5, 497Y5

Click here for Registration Form

NOTE: Forms must be complete, including the supervising faculty member's signature, to be considered.

For additional information, consult the Department's Academic Advisor, Sharon Marjadsingh.