Past Events

Past Events:


September 2023

Sept. 6, 10am-12pm, MN 4207 - Greek and Latin Orientation Open House - Register (virtual)

Sept. 14, 9:30am-3:30pm, MN 3230 (CDRS, UTM) - Visualizing the Americas Launch - Register (in person) or Register (virtual)

Sept. 22, 1-4pm, MN 3230 (CDRS, UTM) + live via Zoom - 2023-24 UTM Annual Classics Seminar - Eric Csapo (Cambridge): Rivalry between Centre and Periphery in the Theatre Industry of the Fourth Century BC

October 2023

Oct. 3, 1-3pm, MN 3230 (CDRS, UTM) - Afro-Latinidad in Literature and Visual Culture - Register

Oct. 3, 12-1:30pm, MN 4207 - WGSS Feminist Lunch Series - WGSS Open House and Welcome with Beverly Bain, Victoria Tahmesebi-Birgani, and Gary Lee Pelleteir

Oct. 3, 1:45-3:45pm, MN 4207 - Historical Studies Society (HSS) Annual Student & Professor Meet & Greet

Oct. 3, 7-8:15pm, Virtual Library - WebX, Lecture Me! a Series with Professor Ken Derry: “We Are Our Stories”: Healing and Indigenous Films - Register

Oct. 5, 4:30-6pm, MN 3230 (CDRS, UTM) - Muslim Materialities Lecture Series - Adam Bursi: Prophetic Pieces and Places: Relics and Sacred Spaces in Early Islam - Register

Oct. 12-14 - Humboldt Translation Workshop Series - by invitation only (please contact

Oct. 16, 3-5pm, MN 3230 (CDRS, UTM) - Intention, Form, and Class: A Conversation with Walter Benn Michaels

Oct. 19, 12-1:30pm, MN 4207 - WGSS Feminist Lunch Series co-sponsored with the Centre for South Asian Critical Humanities (CSACH) - Shireen Hassim, Carlton University Professor and Canada 150 Research Chair in Gender and African Studies: "Reclaiming hope as radical lexicon: Some experiments from African feminist political campaigns"

Oct. 20, 1-4pm, MN 3230 (CDRS, UTM) + live via Zoom - 2023-24 UTM Annual Classics Seminar - Sailakshmi Ramgopal (Columbia University): Romans as Others: Mobility, Status, and Power Abroad

Oct. 24, 4:30-6pm, MN 3230 (CDRS, UTM) - Muslim Materialities Lecture Series co-sponsored with the Centre for South Asian Critical Humanities (CSACH) - Akbar Zaidi: Muslim Identity, the Partition of India and the Making of Pakistan

Oct. 27, 1-4pm, MN 3230 (CDRS, UTM) + live via Zoom - 2023-24 UTM Annual Classics Seminar - Cliff Ando (University of Chicago): Republican Religion in Imperial Rome: The View from the Periphery

Oct. 28, 9:30am-4pm, MN 3230 (CDRS, UTM) - Teaching Greek and Latin: A Conversation w/ Prof. Lorenza Bennardo - Register

November 2023

Nov. 2, 4:30-6pm, MN 3230 (CDRS, UTM) - Muslim Materialities Lecture Series - Shenila Khoja-Moolji: Culinary Placemaking: Cookbooks as an Artifact of Displaced Shia Ismaili Muslim Women’s Lives

Nov. 8, 1-3pm, MN 3230 (CDRS, UTM) and Zoom - Palestine/Israel: Historical Roots with S. Michael Lynk, Areej Sabbagh-Khoury, and Jens-Peter Hanssen - Register

Nov. 15, 11am-1pm, MN 4207 - History of Religions' Social Drop-in: Bites and Boardgames - Register

Nov. 16, 12-1:30pm, MN 4207 - WGSS Feminist Lunch Series - Asim Hussain (@studentAsim): Canadian author and creative producer

Nov. 16, 7-9pm, WGSI Lounge (40 Willcocks Street, Toronto) - The Pleasure Project: A Queer and Trans Research Lab Funded Project - contact for more information

Nov. 18, 9:30am-4pm, MN 3230 (CDRS, UTM) - International Epic Network Writing Boot Camp - for more details contact

December 2023

Dec. 1, 1-4pm, MN 3230 (CDRS, UTM) + live via Zoom - 2023-24 UTM Annual Classics Seminar - Katherine Harloe (Institute of Classical Studies, London): The Beyond Notability Project: Re-evaluating Women's Work in Archaeology, History and Heritage, 1870-1950

Dec. 6, 11am-2pm, MN 3230 (CDRS, UTM) - Historical Studies End-of-Term Gathering

Dec. 15, 9pm-2am, 967 College Street (The Society Clubhouse) - The Pleasure Project Launch Party: A Queer and Trans Research Lab Funded Project - Register

2022-23 PAST EVENTS 

September 2022

Sept. 22 - 5:15pm, Kaneff Rotunda, UTM - Classics and the World Today 5 - Diet, Food and Consumption in the Greek and Roman Worlds - Dr. Lin Foxhall, University of Liverpool and Dr. John Wilkins, Exeter University 

Sept. 27 - 11am-2pm, Presentation Room at the UTM Student Centre - HSS Event - Student/Professor Meet&Greet - Informal Drop-in

October 2022

Oct. 3 - 12pm, Zoom - HSS Event - RGASC Writing Workshop

Oct. 4 - 7pm, Mississauga Library online via Webex - Demonic Infestation in 17th-Century Quebec: The Diabolical Arts and Daily LIves of Early Canada - Dr. Mairi Cowan, Department of Historical Studies, UTM 

Oct. 4 - 2022-23 Classics Seminar Series - Jan Bremmer (Groningen): Religious Pluralism in the Ancient World: Herodotus, The Roman Republic, and Late Antiquity

Oct. 18 - 11am, Zoom - HSS Event - AIU Academic Integrity Workshop

Oct. 27 - 12pm, Zoom - HSS Event - Johnston Atoll, Chemical Waste, and US Military Ecologies in the 20th Century, featuring Rohini Patel, PhD Candidate, History - University of Toronto

November 2022

Nov. 1 - 11am, Zoom - HSS Event - Graduate School Panel with Dr. Mattieu Vallieres and Ariadna Pauliuc

Nov. 8 - 12pm, Student Centre Presentation Room - HSS & UTMAS Event - Betwixt Bones and Books: LIfe and Death in Skeletal and Archival Data with Dr. Madeleine Mant

Nov. 11 - 1:10pm, MS3230 - 2022-23 Classics Seminar Series - Claire Taylor (Wisconsin): Comparisons: the case of manumission in the ancient Greek world

Nov. 17 - 12pm, Zoom - HSS Event - Careers in Historical Studies Panel with Nives Hajdin, Kara Ma, & Laura Carlson

Nov. 29 - 12pm, Zoom - HSS Event - CV/Resume Workshop with Panayiota Platanitis from the UTM Career Centre

December 2022

Dec. 2 - 1:10pm, MN3230 - 2022-23 Classics Seminar Series - Alex Meyer (Western): Capturing the Vindolanda Stylus Tablets

Dec. 7 - 10am, Zoom - HSS Event - Study Session

January 2023

Jan. 17, 11am, Zoom - HSS Event - Research Skills Workshop with Yayo Umetsubo from the UTM Library

Jan. 20 - 12pm, Zoom - HSS Event - Planting the seeds for the future: The Nineteenth Century German Kindergarten Movement and the Politics of Early Children's Education featuring Dr. Nisrine Rahal from Wake Forest University

Jan. 24 - 12pm, Zoom - HSS Event - Writing Skills Workshop: Revising and Editing Academic Papers with Dr. Jordana Garbati, Assistant Professor, Institute for the Study of University Pedagogy (ISUP), Director, Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre (RGASC)

Jan. 31 - 12pm, Zoom - HSS Event - Time Management Workshop with Linda Duong, Learning Strategist from RGASC

February 2023

Feb. 8 - 11am, MN5128 - HSS x UTMAS Event - Trivia

Feb. 9 - 9am, Zoom - HSS Event - Banquets: From the Romans to the Renaissance with Dr. Teresa Lobalsamo from Language Studies, UTM

Feb. 10 - 3:10pm, MN 3230 - Classics Workshop - Ulrich Gotter (Konstanz University): Persecuting Christians: Pliny Letters X.96-97 Revisited

Feb. 13 - 10am, MN2130 - HSS Event - Making the Most of Your Undergraduate Experience: A Conversation with Upper-Year Students

Feb. 14 - 12pm, Zoom - HSS Event - Realism Reconsidered: Richard Nixon, the Vietnam War, and the Realist Emotional Style with Dr. Mattieu Vallieres 

Feb. 16 - 11am, Zoom - HSS x LSAS x RGASC Event - Study Habits Workshop with Linda Duong

Feb. 17 - 2022-23 Classics Seminar Series - Elton Barker (Open): cf.?, or: Forms of Comparison, from Homer to Pausanias

Feb. 27 - 10am-1pm, Student Centre - HSS x LSAS x UTMISA x UTM Scribes x Boss Women UTM Event - Book Sale - proceeds will go to Indspire

Feb. 28 - 11am-1pm, Student Centre - HSS x LSAS x UTMISA x UTM Scribes x Boss Women UTM Event - Book Sale - proceeds will go to Indspire

Feb. 28 - 3-5pm, IB245 - HSS + Boss Women UTM Event - Movie Night: Hidden Figures 

March 2023

Mar. 1 - 10-11am, MN2140 - HSS Event - Study Session 

Mar. 2 - 11am-1pm, MN1100 - HSS + SAGE + RGASC Event - Indigenous Sustainability Learning Circle led by Sam Howden

Mar. 6 - 1-2:30pm, Zoom - HSS Event - Google Scholar Workshop with Yayo Umetsubo, UTM Librarian

Mar. 8 - 1-3pm, MN3230 - CSACH Event - Bulldozer Raj with Thomas Blom Hansen

Mar. 9 - 1-3pm, MN3230 - CSACH Event - Master graduate class on the Politics of Memory and Memorialization with Thomas Blom Hansen

Mar. 10 - 9am-12:30pm, DV3140 - Shi'i Islam: Mysticism, Law, Quran and Intrafaith Relations

Mar. 10 - 2022-23 Classics Seminar Series - Claire Holleran (Exeter): Origins and Odysseys: Migration in Roman Iberia?

Mar. 13 - 12-2pm, MN3130 - CSACH Event - Stories We Tell Ourselves: Pakistan's Politics through Narrative Media with Mohammed Hanif

Mar. 13 - 1-2:30pm, Zoom - HSS + LSAS + UTMPLO + UTMSCS + UTM Career Centre Event - LinkedIn Workshop with Lucille Yi from the UTM Career Centre

Mar. 14 - 12-1pm, Zoom - HSS Event - Essay Exam Preparation Workshop with Jordana Garbati from RGASC

Mar. 21 - 11:30am, ROM - HSS + UTMAS Event - Behind the Scenes Trip to the ROM

Mar. 31 - 2022-23 Classics Seminar Series - Mary Bachvarova (Willamette): How to Do Comparative Ancient Mediterranean Literary Studies

April 2023

Apr. 3 - 1-3pm, Hybrid - Jesuit Perspectives on a Case of Bewitchment and Demonic Possession in Seventeenth-Century New France with Professor Mairi Cowan


2021-22 PAST EVENTS 

November 2021

Nov. 18 - 12-1:30pm - (HSS Event) - Graduate School Panel

Nov. 18 - 3pm - (Muslim Materialities Lecture) - Sensory Aspects of the Beyond in Ottoman Tombs with Dr. Nina Macaraig

Nov. 20 - 7:30-9pm - (CSAC Event) - Trucks, Trollies and Tents

Nov. 26 - 10am-6pm - (CSAC Event) - Marxism in South Asia Workshop

December 2021

Dec. 6 - 1pm (6pm UK time) - Book Launch for Martin Revermann's Brecht and Tragedy: Radicalism, Traditionalism, Eristics - email

January 2022

Jan. 28 - 12-2pm - Feminist Lunch: Digital Governmentality/l Affective Islamophobia among Hindu Nationalist and White Supremacist Groups on Twitter - Zeinab Farokhi 

February 2022

Feb. 9 - 4-6pm - (Muslim Materialities Lecture) - Making Sense of the Sekaśubhodayā: A Sanskrit Text in an Islamic Shrine Complex of Old Bengal with Dr. Ayesha Irani

Feb. 16 - 1-2pm - Annual Desmond Morton Research Excellence Lecture - Martin Revermann - The Theatre of Science 

Feb. 16 - 6pm - (Black & African Studies, UTM) - Screening and Discussion of landmark feature film RUDE - Clement Virgo 

Feb. 17 - 4-6pm - (Muslim Materialities Lecture) - Visiting the Footprint of the Prophet: Localizing Pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina in Mughal India with Dr. Usman Hamid

Feb. 18 - 12-2pm - (HSS) - ROP & Independent Studies Information Session - Faculty & Student Panels 

March 2022

Mar. 4 - 2-4pm - Book Launch for Nicole Charles - Suspicion: Vaccines, Hesitancy, and the Affective Politics of Protection in Barbados

Mar. 4 - 2-4pm - (Muslim Materialities Lecture) - Incremental Building: Tehran's Azadi Square as a Permanently Tentative Monumental Stage with Dr. Zohreh Soltani

Mar. 8 - 11-1pm - WGSS Presents International Women's Day Panel: "Feminist Ethics of Care in a Time of Pandemic" - Speakers Mercy Lillian, Victoria Tahmasebi-Birgani, & Cornel Grey

Mar. 11 - 3-5pm - (Muslim Materialities Lecture) - Death in the City: Funerary Architecture and Urbanism in Muslim South Asia with Dr. Fatima Quraishi

Mar. 17 - 3-5pm - (Muslim Materialities Lecture) - The Mosque in the Qur'an with Dr. Kambiz GhaneaBassiri

Mar. 29 - 1pm - WGSS Feminist Lecture Series, in collaboration with the Peel Institute for Violence Prevention, Family Service Peel - Women Crossing Boundaries: A Psychology of Immigration and Transformations of Sexuality with Dr. Oliva Espín

April 2022

Apr. 7 & 8 - online symposium - Visualising Pleasure and Practices of Freedom



September 2020

Sept. 25 - 1-4pm (online delivery) - UTM Annual Classics Seminar Series - 'Rome, India, China: Comparison and Meaning in the Relief Sculpture of Late Ancient Eurasia' - Jaś Elsner

October 2020

Oct. 6 - 7-8pm - Snider Lecture UTM - Abolish the Police, Abolish Prisons: Black liberation in a time of revolt - Robyn Maynard

Oct. 6 - 7-8:15pm (via Virtual Library WebEx) - Lecture Me! Series - Pathologizing Iran and Islam - Mohamad Tavakoli-Targhi

Oct. 7 - 11am-1pm - HSS Event - Professor Meet & Greet

Oct. 8 - 4:30-5:30pm - Welcome Back Social Hour

Oct. 9 - 1-4pm (online delivery) - UTM Annual Classics Seminar Series - 'The Gender of Ancient Greek Music' - Mark Griffith

Oct. 16 - 4-5:30pm - C4E Flash Event, Race/Ethics/Power - #Say Her Name... Breonna Taylor! Race, Ethics & "Justice"? - A Dialogue with Beverly Bain, Idil Abdillahi, and El Jones

Oct. 30 - 12-1:30pm (online delivery) - WGS Feminist Lunch Series - Home Care Fault Lines: Understanding Tensions and Creating Alliances - Cynthia J. Cranford

Oct. 30 - 1-4pm (online delivery) - UTM Annual Classics Seminar Series - 'Oracular Failure in Ancient Greek Culture' - Esther Eidinow

November 2020

Nov. 4 - 10am-12pm - CSAC Workshop - 'Race and Caste': A Conversation with Achille Mbembe and Suraj Yengde

Nov. 16 - 11:30am-12:30pm (online delivery) - WGS Feminist Lunch Series - Queer Crip Crossroads: Disability Activism in Toronto's LGBTQ community - Nicholas Hrynyk

Nov. 20 - 1-4pm (online delivery) - UTM Annual Classics Seminar Series - 'The New Normal? Bodies Beyond the Classical Body' - Caroline Vout

December 2020

Dec. 3 - 4-6pm (online delivery) - The ArQuives' Trans Collections Guidline Launch - A roundtable discussion on the trans holdings of The ArQuives: Canada's LGBTQ2+ Archive, and the histories and futures of trans archival practices

January 2021

Jan. 15 - 1-4pm (online delivery) - UTM Annual Classics Seminar Series - 'The Extremist Ethics of Cicero's De Officiis' - Ingo Gildenhard

Jan. 15 - 4pm (online delivery) - Iranian Studies Webinar Series - History of Iranian Women’s Poetry (in Persian)| تاریخ شعر زنان­ - Rohangiz Karachi, Humanities and Cultural Studies Institute, Tehran

Jan. 22 - 4pm (online delivery) - Iranian Studies Webinar Series - The City in Film: Imagining Post-WWII Iran in Film-Farsi Popular Cinema - Golbarg RekabtalaeiSeton Hall University

Jan. 29 - 4pm (online delivery) - Iranian Studies Webinar Series - Feminine Interventions: Early Qajar Women Poets and Their Engagement with the Bazgasht-i adabi - Dominic Brookshaw, Oxford University

Jan. 30 - 10am-12pm (online delivery) - Centre for South Asian Civilizations - A conversation with Afra Khanum Sherwani, "Journalism in a Time of Uprising: The Farmers' Protest and Dissent in Contemporary India"

February 2021

Feb. 5 - 1-4 pm (online delivery) - UTM Annual Classics Seminar Series - 'Theory of Mind and Ancient Greek Religious Experience' - Sarah Iles-Johnston

Feb. 5 - 4pm (online delivery) - Iranian Studies Webinar Series - The International Reception of Iranian Cinema, 2000-2013 - Anne Demy-Geroe, Griffith University

Feb. 12 - 4pm (online delivery) - Iranian Studies Webinar Series - Forugh Farrokhzad, Modernity and Madness - Leila Rahimi Bahmany, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main

Feb. 19 - 4pm (online delivery) - Iranian Studies Webinar Series - Rakhshan Banietemad’s Social Realism: A Close Look at Her Documentary Films - Maryam Ghorbankarimi, Lancaster University

Feb. 26 - 1-4pm (online delivery) - UTM Annual Classics Seminar Series - 'Daily Life in the Shadow of Late Antique Decline: Urban Case Studies from Apulia' - Darian Totten

Feb. 26 - 4pm (online delivery) - Iranian Studies Webinar Series - Shame, Stigma and Sin:  From Tahirih, to Forugh, to Us - Sholeh Wolpé, University of California, Irvine

March 2021

Mar. 2 - 11:30-1pm (online delivery) - Feminist Lunch Series - A Reading and Performance by Kama La Mackerel - Based on their new book of poetry: ZOM - FAM

Mar. 5 - 4pm (online delivery) - Iranian Studies Webinar Series - Precarity and Possibility: The Labor of Underground Video Dealers in Iran - Blake Atwood, American University of Beirut

Mar. 12 - 4pm (online delivery) - Iranian Studies Webinar Series - Sonia Balassanian: Writing the Impossible - Claudia Yaghoobi, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Mar. 19 - 1-4pm (online delivery) - UTM Annual Classics Seminar Series - 'Hasiod's Religious Norms in Context: On Works and Days 724-760' - Ivana Petrovic & Andrej Petrovic

Mar. 19 - 4pm (online delivery) - Iranian Studies Webinar Series - Pioneer Female Directors, Writers and Producers in Iranian Cinema - Khatereh Shaibani, York University

April 2021

Apr. 9 - 4pm (online delivery) - Iranian Studies Webinar Series - Women Depicting Freedom of Movement in Iranian Cinema - Nacim Pak-Shiraz, University of Edinburgh

Apr. 16 - 4pm (online delivery) - Iranian Studies Webinar Series - Women Poets: Gendered Personhood and Displacement - Fatemeh Shams Esmaeili, University of Pennsylvania

Apr. 23 - 4pm (online delivery) - Iranian Studies Webinar Series - From Golden City to Felestin: The Onomastics of Cinema Halls in Tehran - Behrooz Mahmoodi-Bakhtiari, University of Tehran

Apr. 30 - 4pm (online delivery) - Iranian Studies Webinar Series - Documenting a Tradition: Anthologies of Persian(ate) Poetry by Women - Sunil Sharma, Boston University

May 2021

May 7 - 4pm (online delivery) - Iranian Studies Webinar Series - Allegory and Allegoresis in Iranian Cinema - Michelle LangfordUniversity of New South Wales



September 2018

Sept. 17 - 6pm, Mist Theatre - REASON, a film by Anand Patwardhan - free screening and discussion with the film maker

Sept. 20 - 3pm, North Building (NE4207) - The Spirit of the Sepoy Host - free talk given by Priyamvada Gopal (Reader in Anglophone and Related Literature at the University of Cambridge)

Sept. 30 - 2:30pm, Davis Building (UTM Room - DV3140) - On the Yoga Sutras of Patañjali - lecture given by visiting pandit H.V. Nagaraja Rao

October 2018

The Many Lives of Aurangzeb Workshop: 

Oct. 4 - 9am-4:30pm, New North Building (NE 4207) - Graduate Workshop on Reading, Writing, and Teaching Religious ‘Controversy’ in South Asian Religious History

Oct. 5 - 9am-12:30pm, Jackman Humanities Building (UTSG) - Student Presentations

Oct. 5 - 4-6pm, Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, 5 Bancroft Street (UTSG) - Muzaffar Alam, Persian in the Age of Mughal Decline: A Reevaluation

Classics and the World Today 3 (CaWT3):

Oct. 6 - 7pm, MiST Theatre - Film & Concert - Hari OM Tatsat

Oct. 16 - 5:30-8pm, New North Building (NE 4207) - CSAC Urdu Film Series: The Chess Player (In Urdu with English subtitles)

Oct. 23 - 12-1pm, New North Building (NE 5128) - WGS Feminist Lunch Hour: Fleshy Politics: Vaccines, Suspicion and Felt Protection with Prof. Nicole Charles

Oct. 25 - 5:15pm, Instructional Centre (IB 120) - Classics and the World Today (CaWT): Local Identities, Movement, and Global Connections in Antiquity.

Oct. 26 - 10am-4:30pm, New North Building (NE 4107) - Classics and the World Today (CaWT): A Workshop in Methodologies with Prof. Elena Isayev (University of Exeter) and Prof. Miguel John Versluys (Leiden University)

November 2018

Nov. 6 - 5:30-8pm, New North Building (NE 4207) - CSAC Urdu Film Series: Nikaah (in Urdu with English subtitles)

Nov. 12 - 7pm, MiST Theatre (CCT Building 150) - CSAC presents: The Poetry of Amazement, An Evening with Vikram Chandra. 

Nov. 14 - 5-7pm, Davis Building (DV 2082) - CSAC Urdu Film Series: Had-Anhad (in Urdu with English subtitles)

Nov. 15 - 12-2pm, New North Building (NE 5128) - WGS Feminist Lunch Series: #METOO with Professor Beverly Bain

March 2019

Mar. 7 - 3:30-6pm, MiST Theatre (UTM) - The Technoscience Salon - Black Technoscience "Here" - #BlackGirlMagic: On Disability and Possibility in the Digital Age with Dr. Moya Bailey of Northeastern University - Special performance by Raging Asian Women Taiko Drummers

Mar. 7 - 10:30am-5pm, Spigel Hall (UTM) - 2nd Annual Prandium Undergraduate Conference

Mar. 8 - 10am-7pm, McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology (St. George Campus) - Symposium - Transnational Feminism in the Age of Digital Islamophobia

Mar. 21 - 9am-5pm, David Campbell Conference Facility (St. George Campus) - Symposium - Indigenous Intersections with Dr. Jed Kuhn moderating



October 2017

Oct. 5 - Conference on South Asian Religions

Oct. 6 - Conference on South Asian Religions

Oct. 17 - Professor Chris Petrakos - "The Joke's on Them: Laughter and Social Boundaries in Klondike Miner's Tales, 1886-1896" - Part of the UTM EEO Lecture Me! Series

Oct. 25 - Dr. Hossein Elahi Ghomshei - "On the Nature of Poetry" 

Oct. 26 - "Invisible No More" by Andrea J. Ritchie - Book Launch and Panel Discussion 

Oct. 27 - (Historical Studies Society): AGO - Featured: the Guillermo Del Toro Exhibit

Oct. 27 - (Historical Studies Society): Professors Cowan, Petrakos, and Derry - 95 Theses 500th Anniversary Panel 

Oct. 27 - Dr. Leonard Lewisohn - "Sufism & the Religion of Love" 

Oct. 28 - Dr. Jane Lewisohn - "Preserving and Archiving Persian Performing Arts and Literature" 

December 2017

Dec. 5 - EXAM JAM!

November 2017

Nov. 3 - (Historical Studies Society): #FNLROM: VALHALLA

Nov. 7 - Professor Emeritus Robert Johnson - October Surprise: The Global Impact of the 1917 October Revolution

Nov. 7 - Professor Julie MacArthur, Screening History (HIS211) - Special Guest, acclaimed Canadian filmmaker Clement Virgo (TV series, The Book of Negroes)

Nov. 11 - Professor Julie MacArthur, Borders Matter: Mapping and Unmapping African History - part of TEDxUTM 2017

Nov. 12 - Kudiyattam: Ancient Drama in the Present

Nov. 16 - Indo-Caribbean Feminist Thought: Theory and Praxis with Dr. Gabrielle Hosein and Dr. Lisa Outar

Nov. 28 - Professor Mohamad Tavakoli-Targhi , Orientalism and Occidentalism Undergraduate Symposium

Nov. 29 - (Feminist Lunchtime Talks Series): Tea Time: Mapping Informal Networks of Women Living with HIV - Jessica Lynn Whitbread and Mercy Lillian Gichuki

Nov. 29 - (Historical Studies Society): Exclusive screening of Warehoused: The Forgotten Refugees of Dadaab 

January 2018

Jan. 10 - (Feminist Lunchtime Talks Series): Indigenizing Institutions - Jill Carter, Tarah Hogue, Denise Booth McLeod, and Kris Noakes - Moderated by Nicole Laliberte

Jan. 25 - (HSS): HSS Presentation of Victor Frankenstein

Jan. 26 - (HSS): HSS General Meeting 

Jan. 26 - (CSAC): RAJAN! Movie Night

February 2018

Feb. 1 - Humanities and Social Sciences Career Night

Feb. 26 - Paper Proposals for the First Annual Prandium Undergraduate Research Conference Due 

March 2018

Mar. 1 - (HSS): HSS Presents: Seeing Capitalism's Ghosts: Labour, Migration, and Human Rights in 20th Century United States - Erica Toffoli

Mar. 2 - (HSS): Historical Studies Society General Meeting

Mar. 2 - (HSS): Historical Studies Society Annual Trivia Night

Mar. 6 - (CSAC): Screening of the award-winning film Chauthi Koot

Mar. 6 - (WGS): Lecture with Dr. Sirma Bilge: Minority Knowledges, Academic Entrepreneurial Selves, and Neoliberal University: Learning from the Institutional Trajectories of Intersectionality

Mar. 8 - Lecture with Dr. Jessica Stites Mor: Human Rights and Transnational Solidarity in Latin America

Mar. 9 - (Feminist Lunchtime Talks): Policing Black Lives: Panel with Robyn Maynard, author of Policing Black Lives, Beverly Bain of WGS, and Sheena Hoszko, Sculptor and Anti-Prison Organizer

Mar. 13 - Colloquium: Humanity is the Measure of All Things: A Colloquium Exploring Late Antiquity's Intellectual and Spiritual Diversity

Mar. 13 - (CSAC): Colloquium Keynote: Aesthesia and Anaesthesia in Vaisnava Liturgy and Metaphysics - Dr. Ronald Inden

Mar. 13 - (HSS): Defiant Braceros - Dr. Mireya Loza

Mar. 15 - Classics and the World Today 2: Authority and Non-Conformity in the Ancient World

Mar. 16 - HIS498Y: History Internship Student Presentations

Mar. 19 - (HSS): First Annual Prandium Undergraduate Research Conference 

Mar. 22 & 23 - MENA Conference (WGS): International Conference on “MENA Women: From Street Protest to Online Activism”

Mar. 23 - RLG401H: Lectures on Religion and Literature - Topics include: video games, Watchmen, Superman, Star Wars and zombie comics.

Mar. 23 - RLG401H: Lectures on Religion and Literature - Topics include: video games, Watchmen, Superman, Star Wars and zombie comics.

Mar. 23 - HIS498Y: History Internship Student Presentations 

Mar. 23 - (HSS): #FNLROM: EQUINOX 

Mar. 26 - (CSAC): Centre for South Asian Civilizations and Politics Research Workshop: Left Politics in South Asia - Past, Present, Future

April 2018

Apr. 4 - RLG401H: Lectures on Religion and Literature 

Apr. 26-May 26 - Queering Family Photography: Roundtable  

May 2018

May 3-5 - International Conference on Religion & Film

May 11 - (LAS): Truthfulness in Photography: The Photoplastic Mexican Montages of Josef Albers