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Laurel MacDowell

Professor Emeritus Historical Studies - History
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Professor MacDowell’s research interests are in Canadian working class and North American environmental history. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in both fields. She is the author of ‘Remember Kirkland Lake’: The Gold Miners’ Strike 1941-42 (1983; 2nd edition 2001), and Renegade Lawyer: The Life of J.L. Cohen (2001), which received the Floyd Chalmers’ prize in Ontario history from the Champlain Society. She has published many articles on Canadian working class history, as well as ‘Greening the Workplace: Unions and the Environment,’ in L.A. Sandberg and S. Sibir eds. Sustainability: The Challenge (1998). Professor MacDowell has just published An Environmental History of Canada (2012) which is a text for classes and a book for the general public.


L.S. MacDowell, An Environmental History of Canada, UBC Press, 2012

An Environmental History of Canada


L.S. MacDowell and Ian Radforth eds. Canadian Working Class History: Selected Readings, 3rd edition, Toronto, Canadian Scholars Press, 2000

Laurel MacDowell


L.S. MacDowell, Remember Kirkland Lake: The Gold Miners' Strike of 1941-1942, Toronto, Canadian Scholars Press, 2001

Remember Kirkland Lake The Gold Miners' Strike of 1941-42


L.S. MacDowell, Renegade The Life of J.L. Cohen Lawyer

 Renegade The Life of M Cohen Lawyer




Canadian Working Class History; North American Environmental History
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HIS318H5F, HIS319H5S, HIS416H5F
Ph.D. University of Toronto