GGR208H5 Population Geography

GGR208 Course Desciption

Course Description

This course examines the link between people and places from a global perspective. The course will cover topics related to population patterns and processes, geographic theories related to population and sustainability, as well as the tools used by geographers to study population size, composition and migration. This course fulfills one field day.

Credits: Social Science

Lecture hours: 24

Exclusion: GGR255H5 or GGR323H1 or GGR320H1 or GGRC02H3

Prerequisite: 4.0 credits

Core Skills Developed

  • understanding the causes and consequences of a variety of population issues, as well as socio-economic factors that contribute to population change
  • identifying, summarizing, and critically analyzing information from scholarly sources
  • communication of research results in writing, aided by graphics and data analysis in a scholarly term paper format