GGR111H5 Human Geography

GGR111 Course Desciption

Course Description

The course introduces human geography through an exploration of the evolution of geography to modern traditions, the measurement of geographic space and phenomena and the spatial interactions of people with the environment. Students gain an understanding of geographic principles through lectures and course material and develop fieldwork skills through practical sessions and field exercises. This course fulfills one field day.

Credits: Social Science, Experiential Learning

Lecture hours: 24

Practicum hours: 12

Exclusion: GGR117Y5

The class asked the big question, “why are we here?” and “the why of the where?”

Greg Likovitch

Core Skills Developed

  • identifying and analyzing spatial patterns and processes using core geographic concepts such as place, scale and landscape
  • fieldwork employing instruments, techniques and methods applicable to human geography
  • research and communication, including critical reading, effective writing and interpersonal communication