Simran Persaud

Simran Persaud

MSc Student Dr. Matthew Adams, supervisor

Research and Professional Interests

My research interests surround the topic of urban air pollution. In my research thesis, I hope to investigate the effect of transportation-related air pollutants on surrounding roadside vegetation. As well as understand the downwash rates of the pollutants from the vegetation into nearby bodies of water.  The biomonitoring properties of plants are a critical feature that can help identify trace metals as they collect air particulates that reside on their leaves. This collection of pollutants can be analyzed to determine its source's origin.  Overall, I am interested in how air pollution connects to our water systems and how that may affect the surrounding ecosystem.


  1. 2021 Centre for Urban Environments Undergraduate Research Award


Research Supervisor/mentor: 
Dr. Matthew Adams


MSc Student - University of Toronto
Honours BSc Major in Biology and Environmental Science - University of Toronto Mississauga