Department of Visual Studies

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Rosa MenkmanBeeches and gleeches (2010); Stallio, scramblgltch6 (2011); Stallio, bibleman_glutch3 (2011). Images courtesy of the artists. 

The Department of Visual Studies (DVS) is an interdisciplinary department that stresses the importance of history, theory, and studio practice in the study of the visual. We are committed to understanding the meaning and power of images and their impact on our lives. Courses examine art, architecture, media images, consumer culture, film, television, video games, political propaganda, new media, websites, and more.

DVS is home to five degree programs:

Art & Art History and Visual Culture & Communication are joint programs with Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. Students combine academic studies at UTM with hands-on classes at Sheridan, studio art in the case of Art & Art History and media production studios in the case of Visual Culture & Communication.

DVS is also home to the award-winning Blackwood Gallery, one of the most respected public contemporary art galleries in the greater Toronto area. The gallery presents a number of curated exhibitions and projects throughout the school year including the annual Grad Show for fourth-year students in the Art & Art History program.  

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“If only, some say, we could do without any image. How so much better, purer, faster our access to God, to Nature, to Truth, to Science could be.” To which other voices (or sometimes the same) answer: “Alas (or fortunately), we cannot do without images, intermediaries, mediators of all shapes and forms, because this is the only way to access God, Nature, Truth and Science.” -Bruno Latour, Iconoclash (2002)