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A great podcast about Cultural Considerations from Prof. Kajri Jain.
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Prof. Evonne Levy has won the Desmond Morton Research Excellence Award, UTM’s prize for “outstanding career achievement in research and scholarly activity.” Click on the link for more details.


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Professor Evonne Levy is this year’s Wittkower Guest Professor at the Bibliotheca Hertziana, housed in a 16th-century palace in Rome

To see more on her exciting research, please click on



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Congratulations to Anran Guo! The DVS celebrates the achievement of Art and Art History student Anran Guo, who won one of the three best-in-show awards at the Shelley Peterson Student Art Exhibition this year. >


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The DVS proudly congratulates Art and Art History Specialist Cherie Novecosky on becoming the 2018 UTM Class Valedictorian! Cherie was selected as Valedictorian from this year’s Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award recipients. DVS students and faculty are encouraged to attend the “Last Lecture for the Class of 2018” on Monday, April 23. Click here for more details and to register.


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Congratulations Dr. Bernice Iarocci on winning the June Scott Teaching Excellence Award 2017 for Teaching Assistants!


UTM’s 50th Anniversary Film Festival poster

We are very pleased to announce UTM’s 50th Anniversary Film Festival.  The films feature a mix of established and up-and-coming filmmakers from Canada and around the world, and have been selected to showcase the diversity at UTM and our local area.  
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Christine Shaw talks about the Blackwood Gallery’s ambitious new project as well as the Gallery’s role on campus and its history. Listen Now!


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We are saddened to share news of the passing of Ben Portis, Chair of the Art and Art History Program Advisory Committee. Ben died of injuries sustained in a car accident on 20 July 2017.
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What sparked Evonne Levy’s interest in the Baroque, Bernini, and Art History?

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Congratulations Christine Shaw & Blackwood Gallery!
The Blackwood Gallery has received a grant of $375,000 from the Canada Council for the Arts. Please click here for more information.


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Nafiseh Emadmostofi, one of our graduates, has an upcoming solo show at the Art Gallery of Mississauga. The opening is on June 29, from 6-9 p.m. Click for more information.


Dr. Cheryl Thompson

Cheryl Thompson, Banting post-doc and DVS instructor, gives a Ted-X talk on why positive thinking is not enough:


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11th Annual University of Toronto University of Toronto Shelley Peterson Student Art Exhibition 24 March - 15 April 2017

The University of Toronto Shelley Peterson Student Art Exhibition showcases the artistic excellence of undergraduate students in the University of Toronto’s tri-campus visual studies programs. The selected works demonstrate the dynamic ways in which University of Toronto students are engaging with timely topics such as human-environment relationships, feminism, consumerism and identity. 

Exhibiting AAH students include Denyca Decaen, Jeanne Dubois, Subin Ee, Michaela Lucio, Dahyun Nam, Jenna Robineau and Audrey Yip.

Graduating AAH student Dahyun Nam won one of the three $500 Best in Show cash prizes.


Where Art Thou poster



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Congratulations to Dr. Christine Shaw, the new Lecturer and Director/Curator of the Blackwood Gallery.
Dr. Shaw received her PhD in Social and Political Thought from York University in 2007 and served as Curator of the Musagetes Foundation and Program Manager of the Canadian Art Foundation before coming to the Blackwood. She brings with her a distinctive curatorial vision and boundless energy. Passionately invested in the connection between curation and pedagogy, Dr. Shaw has already begun transforming the way the gallery works with other units across the campus to integrate its programming into the pedagogical life of UTM. We can all look forward to her fall programming both at UTM and in Zone C of this year’s Nuit Blanche.


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Congratulations to Professor John Ricco for winning a Chancellor Jackman Research Fellowship in the Humanities for 2015–16! The year’s theme is “Things that Matter,” and John’s project is entitled “The Collective Afterlife of Things.” It is based upon the conjecture of the 'collective afterlife' recently put forth by the philosopher Samuel Scheffler, in which he argues that our ability to lead value-laden lives is more dependent upon our confidence in the long-term survival or afterlife of humanity, than our concern with our own survival of death or that of our friends and loved ones. John's project asks: what do things tell us about societies and the social dimension of valuing things as mattering, not only based upon their histories, but upon their futures? In other words, their collective afterlives. Based upon this "futurity thesis" of ethical decision, action and responsibility, his project is further motivated by the following question: in what ways are aesthetic forms and experiences, including art as a thing that matters, both in terms of artistic practice and as artistic object/work/thing dependent upon a shared confidence in the future survival of humanity? John explores these questions, by extending and developing upon work that he has recently published on forms of inoperative aesthetic praxis that consist in collectively partaking in the decision to participate in the withdrawal, retreat and disappearance of the work of art, including in the work’s material manifestation and configuration of things. Out of this he has developed the notion of the already-unmade, as the deconstruction of Duchamp’s readymade work of art. With this current project, John wants to identify and examine a number of artistic, literary and filmic examples, beyond those that he focused on in his recently published work.


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9th Annual University of Toronto Shelley Peterson Student Art Exhibition 2015
On April 6 the University of Toronto Shelley Peterson Student Art Exhibition 2015 opened at the University of Toronto Art Centre at the downtown Campus. The exhibition was curated by a Museum Studies MA student team (Molly McGowan, Mel Mundle, and Jennifer Rodrigues) and comprised work by students in UofT’s three visual arts programs: Art and Art History (Sheridan/UT Mississauga), Visual Studies (UT St. George Campus), and Visual and Performing Arts (UT Scarborough).

Former University of Toronto Chancellor The Honourable David R. Peterson and Shelley Peterson offered three cash prizes ($500 each) for artwork in the exhibition. Artist Shary Boyle, writer, educator and curator Gabrielle Moser, and Power Plant Director Gaëtane Verna adjudicated the exhibition. Exhibiting AAH students include Julia Huynh, Kaitlyn De Jesus, Katarina Kaneff, Kayla Tremblett, Matthew Morales, Cathy Griggs, Elora Riganelli, Frances Cordero De Bolanos and Brittany Arjune. Graduating AAH student Frances Cordero De Bolanos won one of the $500 cash prizes.

Image: Frances Cordero, Exhibition Winner and Graduating AAH student at the U of T Art Centre with Invasion II (2014), wool fibre, felt, chiffon, approximately 200 metres long


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The Department of Art, St. George campus, and the Tri-Campus Graduate Program in the History of Art are pleased to announce that they are embarking on a Getty Foundation-funded Connecting Art Histories Project, “Global and Postglobal Perspectives on Medieval Art and Art History,” in partnership with the School of Arts and Humanities at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (GAFA). Through a program of exchange teaching and funded field trips for faculty and students at both institutions to sites in China and Sicily, this project aims to develop connective and comparative understandings of medieval art and art history in China and North America. In this way it seeks to establish durable links between scholars and graduate students of medieval art, broadly conceived, in both regions, thus contributing to the worldwide growth of the discipline of art history.

For further information about the Connecting Art Histories program, please see:

See the poster created by Helen Orvis, graduate of the Visual Culture and Communications program!

Key academic exchange participants: Prof. Jill Caskey (UofT); Prof. Adam Cohen (UofT); Prof. Qingquan Li (GAFA); Prof. Giancarla Periti (UofT); Prof. Jennifer Purtle (UofT, PI); Dr. Linda Safran (Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies); Prof. Yudong Wang (GAFA, co-PI); Prof. Qingquan Zou (GAFA).


John Ricco

Prof. John Ricco's interview published in the student newspaper Medium (UTM) this week.

29 Sept 2014 | Click here for full story


Photo of Shauna Taylor

Shauna Taylor awarded Jackman Humanities Institute Fellowship

The Department of Visual Studies is delighted to announce that Shauna Taylor, an Art and Art History Specialist, was awarded an Undergraduate Fellowship at the Jackman Humanities Institute for the academic year 2014–15. Faculty Research Fellow Katie Larson will supervise a year-long independent study course with Taylor, at the end of which she will present the results of her research to the Humanities Centre Fellows. Taylor's impressive scholarly achievements have prepared her for this fellowship. In response to the award, she commented, "I'd just like to say how thrilled and honoured I am to have been chosen, and to thank instructor Rose Logie for her guidance when I was applying." Please join me in congratulating one of the DVS's finest!



Professor Syme is appointed President of the Victorian Studies Association of Ontario (VSAO)

5 June 2013 | Click here for full story


sarah robayo sheridan

Sarah Robayo Sheridan is appointed Curator of Exhibitions for the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery

23 January 2013 | Click here for the story


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The Blackwood Gallery & Christof Migone are in the U of T Bulletin this week

16 January 2013 | Click here to read the article


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An 'ode' to the Blackwood Gallery featured in The Toronto Star

5 January 2013 | Click here to read the article


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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The Blackwood Gallery wants your submissions for the Running with Concepts Conference happening on February 23 & 24

DEADLINE: 3 December 2012 | Click here for more details


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Graduating AAH students can now apply for the Dr. Annie Smith Graduate Scholarship

DEADLINE: 29 November 2012 | Click here for application and details


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The Blackwood Gallery wins 2012 OAAG Best Exhibition Award

21 September 2012 | >link



Prof. Meghan Sutherland's essay What Debord Can Teach Us about Protest appears in The Guardian as part of The Big Ideas series.

2 April 2012  |  >link



Dr. Christof Migone's piece Hit Parade to be performed at this year's Whitney Biennial in New York City. 

3 May 2012  |  >link



The Fall 2011 UTM Magazine features stories on two of our faculty: a profile of Sheridan Prof. Robert Fones, who recently received the Governor General's Award in Visual and Media Culture; and, a research profile on Prof. Kajri Jain, "Deities Over Delhi."



Blackwood Gallery is in the news, literally. Micah Lexier's Double Sided Page appeared in the UTM Medium this  week as part of the curated project Door to Door.

30 September 2011  |  >link



Dr. Neil Narine has been awarded the Dean of Graduate Studies Convocation Medal by Simon Fraser University.

14 June 2011  |  >link



Art & Art History Studio Professor Robert Fones has been awarded the Governor General's Award in Visual and Media Arts. 

22 February 2011  |  >link